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Space Hulk

Well, we've had one "popular board game turned into video game" update for today. Why not another? In this case, it's that Space Hulk: Ascension will soon be making its way to your PS4s (though, curre
The waiting is over (since we told you last week). You can now get your copy of Space Hulk for your PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Funbox Media along with HR Games are the ones making it happen (
Now, you know we primarily deal with tabletop games here on TGN. But we also deal with video-games-turned-board-games and board-games-turned-video-games. The second one is the case here. Funbox Media
Games Workshop apparently scrounged up some more copies of Space Hulk and are shipping them to the US. They could show up just about any time.SourceFrom the announcement:Many of you have contacted us
Battle Foam helps keep your Space Hulk set organized and protected with their new transport bag designed specifically for it.SourceFrom the website:This load out option comes fully loaded with pre-des
Games Workshop supported Space Hulk, at least a little bit, with the release of their mission files. But are these extras worth it?TGN's Enrico Nardini grabbed the Dark Angels book and is here to give
TGN's family is expanding. We've brought on Enrico Nardini, from Play Unplugged, to join us here with editorials and game reviews. Here's his first article. It deals with the new Space Hulk release fr