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Sol'una has launched their Kickstarter campaign to fund their new sci-fi, tactical RPG and miniatures skirmish game.SourceFrom the campaign:After re-sourcing production and distribution to North Ameri
Sol'una is showing off what they have planned for their Kickstarter pledge levels over on their website. Go check them out and send them some feedback on how you feel about them.SourceFrom the preview
sol'una gives us a little preview of what they've been working on by showing off some preview 3D renders for the Sol faction.From the preview:The Sol faction combines martial discipline and speed gear
Sol'una is showing off concepts of the first couple characters for their upcoming minis skirmish game based on their Sol'una RPG game.From the preview:The Sol and Luna starter faction characters have
Sol'una, a tactical RPG, is starting to come out with their own models and here's the first one! ... well... not here. We'd show it to you, but kids could be watching.Sol'una, a space opera tactical R
A website is now up for the Sol'una wargaming rules and they are looking for people to help them test the game. From their announcement: Sol'una is a highly detailed skirmish level miniature wargame