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Fridaaaaaaaay! Woo! Who else is ready for the weekend? I, of course, definitely am. No plans, no problem. Just gonna recharge a bit. And, I mean, I already took a trip to Finland this morning (kinda..
Whoooooooooooooah! We're halfway theeeeeeere! Whoah-OH! We're still halfway there! It's Wednesday, my dudes. If we've made it this far, we can surely make it the rest of the way and back to the weeken
Fridaaaaaaaay! Woo! The short week is over. Well, almost, anyway. Still gotta finish out today. It's been a busy one, and that's made things go by quickly. I'm excited for the weekend because I'm supp
Halfway through the week already? Can't really complain. I'm guessing part of why the week is going by quickly is that yesterday, I laid down to have a "quick doze" after work and ended up basically s
Did this week go by quickly for you? It went by quickly for me. Sure, part of yesterday evening I was thinking, "still Thursday?" but in reality, it went blasting on by for me. Obviously, that's not a
Not gonna lie. I started making a Podcast Radio post and was like, "man, not a lot of podcasts have updated this week. All these I just posted... ... uh... yesterday... ... .. Oh..." I mean, rather th
Fridaaaaaaay! Woo! Have to admit, I had, at several points, kinda felt that yesterday should've been Friday. I certainly felt that way when I clocked out. Then, it was like, "Oh... wait... no... it's
Ok, so yesterday did pretty much feel like Tuesday. And today's feeling like a Wednesday so far. We'll see if that continues or if this week will just have dial-a-day like we did last week. It being W
I'm usually all about, "Friday! Woo!" but considering no other day has felt like the day it's supposed to be, neither has today. I guess that doesn't mean that I'm any less excited about it, technical
Sure. It can be Wednesday. Why not? No particular day feels that much different than another this week so far. So, it can be Wednesday. And as it's Wednesday, that means getting you some tasty gaming
Friday! Woo! It's been an alright week. Went by fairly quickly. But, as always, I'm ready for the weekend. Heading to the Farmer's Market again tomorrow. Not sure what I might get. I think I'm gonna k
Ok, I know Monday and Tuesday felt weird. But at least today's felt like Wednesday. What does that mean, exactly? Well... I don't really know. But it feels like the day that it is. And that's good. I
And we've made it to Friday. This was a weird week. It's been a short one, technically, but it didn't feel like it. But at least it didn't feel interminable like some short weeks have felt. Anyway, se
Ok. It's actually Wednesday, so that means the week's half over, even if I had Monday off. I've still got plenty of the pork shoulder that I put into the slow cooker on Sunday. As well as the elote po
The first half of the week, it seemed like it was just flying by. Monday and Tuesday went by in a flash. Then Wednesday happened and I thought that it was Thursday already. Then Thursday felt like it
Halfway through the week. I hope you're all alright out there. I know a lot of the West Coast of the US and Canada is baking under the heat right now. I hope you're able to find ways to keep cool. Hav
Time has really been playing tricks with me this week. At times, it's both felt like it should be much earlier and much later in the week at the same time. That switched out to simply feeling like it
Woo! It's Friday! Woo! I don't know. Time this week was weird. Especially yesterday, it was like, "it feels like it should be much later in the week than it is, but also much earlier." Ah well, the ac
It's Friday again! Woo! Did the week go by quickly for anyone else? It felt like it did for me. That's no complaint, of course. I'm always ready for a weekend. And my thumb is healing up, so hopefully
Hey everyone. Halfway through the week already? I'm certainly happy about that since the upcoming weekend won't contain much typing. I'm getting more used to not being able to use my right thumb, but
I tend to prefer having Mondays off as opposed to Fridays because then you have a short week after a long weekend. Though, I do often find that the week after, even if it's short, tends to take foreve
Wednesday already. That's what happens when you're off on Monday. Feels like Tuesday. It's already Wednesday. No complaints from me, of course. Always ready for the weekend. But before we can get ther
It's a Friday. But not just any Friday, but a 3-day weekend Friday. My calendar is clear. I am just going to lay back, lounge, and relax. I really could use it after the week I had. It wasn't bad, jus
Friday already? Honestly, this week has kinda sailed by for me. If you were to say that it was Wednesday or Thursday, I'd be like, "oh yeah, man. Definitely." In fact, after typing that, I hovered ove
Halfway through the week already? Can't complain about that, really. I'm always ready for the weekend. I'm also always ready for tasty treats. Yesterday, I made Mostaccioli (my grandmother's recipe) f