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Smooth & Rifled

Smooth & Rifled has updated their website and posted an English Civil War supplement.From the update:New supplement for Smooth&Rifled skirmish rules, dedicated to the English Civil War.The supplement
Smooth & Rifled has released their American War for Independence supplement over on their website. It's free!From the announcement:The American War of Independence supplement for Smooth&Rifled has bee
Smooth & Rifled put up a new supplement on their website for The Black Corsair. Go have a look.From the release:A new free supplement for Smooth&Rifled skirmish rules."The Black Corsair" is an 1898 ad
Smooth & Rifled has their new "Darkest Africa" supplement online.From the update:In the Dark Continent, the "Darkest Africa" supplement for S&R, is now available.It features 7 lists: Masai or Ngoni, A
Dadi&Piombo releases Smooth&Rifled, a game system designed to recreate skirmish games with 28, 20 or 15mm miniatures. From their website:Smooth&Rifled, the new ruleset from Dadi&Piombo, has been relea
Dadi&;Piombo have released a new free supplement for their Smooth&Rifled rules. From their announcement: We at Dadi&Piombo have just released a new supplement (free PDF), dedicated to the New Zealand
Dadi&Piombo have posted details of their next set of historical rules - Smooth & Rifled. From their announcement: We are proud to announce the next rules that will be published by Dadi & Piombo. I