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SmogCon UK

If you're a fan of Warmachine and Hordes, you'll probably want to check out the information on SmogCon. They're the largest Warmachine/Hordes show in Europe, and tickets for the 5th year of the show a
GCT Studios lets us know how things went down at SmogCon as well as gives us information about their Silvermoon Rewards scheme they've got going on.SourceFrom the announcement:Here at GCT Studios we a
GCT Studio is rolling over at SmogCon and has a preview of a new mini there, as well as a pair of concept art pieces up for Bushido.SourceFrom the post:SmogCon is in full swing and Bushido is being pl
GCT Studios is getting the last things in place for SmogCon next week. They've also got some new preview art pieces up for the next Bushido wave.SourceFrom the post:For centuries the Temple and the pe
SmogCon is is coming in just a couple months. If you want tickets, though, you'd better hurry up.SourceFrom the update:SmogCon 2014, an "American"style hotel based convention has now released one day
GCT Studios is showing off the painted-up Nezumi Kun for the Cult of Yurei for Bushido. Plus, if you're headed to SmogCon, they've got a bit more info about the tourney they're running there.SourceFro
GCT Studios has posted up their schedule of events for SmogCon next weekend as well as gives us a look at Suchiro in their latest Wave 14 preview.SourceFrom the update:GCT Studios are happy to announc
SmogCon UK warmachine and Hordes Gaming convention tickets on sale:From their announcement:SmogCon, a new UK Warmachine and Hordes three day convention explodes onto the gaming scene with three days