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CMON's latest board game is hitting internet and store shelves. The World of SMOG: On Her Majesty's Service is... a lot to type out... but it's also a crazy trip through an underground marketplace. You see, Queen Victoria has sent you and several others into the Shadow Market in order to obtain four Artefacts. This is no trip to the corner store for 'Dew and Doritos.
Smart Max releases Le Soldat Inconnu a new 54mm miniature for SMOG.

From their site:

SCALE : 1/35

HEIGHT : 50mm

Sculpted by Patrick Masson

Painting by Sebastien Picque

Smart Max announce a new model for their game Smog TTH:

From their announcement:

The bounding maker of Pinokio now enters the London nights arena.

Geppetto created his own world, inspired from childhood. As a child, he always opened up and fiddled the single clockwork toys his father gave him, often disappointed by the rudimentary, almost primitive mechanisms he found indide. He early started to express his instinctive understanding of the machine and came up with his first works of art. Now leading his own private army of deadly toys, he is eagerly waiting the time to rid London of its tedious, sinister adults.
Lily WatsonSmart Max have released the Lily Watson figure for their SMOG range. From their announcement:
We are glad here to introduce you to our latest release for Smog TTH : Lily Watson. This little girl has always been fascinated by Faerie and spent hours in Green Park, hoping to catch sight of the faeries who escaped from Buckingham Palace. She made herself a pair of wings with silk and rice paper. Her belief was so strong that she managed to fly away and use magic. It is to be feared that some cruelly-inclined fairies is now watching over her and making her wishes come true, until the day comes when the child shall have to pay the price for such favours. That harmless looking little girl is the only Etheromancer able to cast two spells each turn
Smart Max have posted photos of the contents of their Smog the Thirteenth Hour game. Smog the Thirteenth Hour From their website:
Smog, the Thirteenth Hour is a fast paced skirmish boardgame that takes you to the Victorian Capital. Assemble a league of your 3 to 6 favourite extraordinary Ladies & Gentlemen and fight your opponents' leagues in a challenge with London herself. Its simple rules make Smog, the Thirteenth Hour a fast and easy to board game, whereas its unique 88 action cards set and wide range of original characters make Smog as instinctive as tactical. The box contains :
  • 110 gaming cards
  • a 72 pages rulebbok
  • a gaming area
  • Tokens & Initiative Table
Smart Max will be Tinkerbellunveiling stat cards for their SMOG game on their Facebook page. From their announcement:
The countdown to 'Smog, the Thirteenth Hour' begins. Rather than a Day-X boring countdown, we're going to unveil on Facebook, each day until the release of the game, the profile card of one extraordinary Lady or Gentleman from Smog :) That way, you'll be able to get a little familiar with some concepts of the game. So... Who's going first ? What about Tinkerbell, that lightning fast twirling faery from the Club.