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CMON's latest board game is hitting internet and store shelves. The World of SMOG: On Her Majesty's Service is... a lot to type out... but it's also a crazy trip through an underground marketplace. Yo
Smart Max releases Le Soldat Inconnu a new 54mm miniature for SMOG.From their site:SCALE : 1/35HEIGHT : 50mmSculpted by Patrick MassonPainting by Sebastien Picque
Smart Max announce a new model for their game Smog TTH:From their announcement:The bounding maker of Pinokio now enters the London nights arena.Geppetto created his own world, inspired from childhood.
Smart Max have released the Lily Watson figure for their SMOG range. From their announcement: We are glad here to introduce you to our latest release for Smog TTH : Lily Watson. This little girl ha
Smart Max have posted photos of the contents of their Smog the Thirteenth Hour game. From their website: Smog, the Thirteenth Hour is a fast paced skirmish boardgame that takes you to the Victorian
Smart Max will be unveiling stat cards for their SMOG game on their Facebook page. From their announcement: The countdown to 'Smog, the Thirteenth Hour' begins. Rather than a Day-X boring countdown,