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Smartphone Inc

Seriously, I've only had a smartphone for about 3 years now, give or take. Honestly, for the longest time, I didn't really think I needed one. But, eventually, my slide-out-keyboard phone gave up the ghost and upgrading was practically mandatory. Since then, I've loved it. I'm not addicted to it, but this job would be a lot different without one. Oh, and the English version of Smartphone Inc is up on Kickstarter. There's that, too.

Look, I only speak one language. I realize that many of you out there are multi-lingual and that's cool. But if it's not in English, I'm kinda out of luck when it comes to games. Thankfully, there are those out there looking to bring games to an English-speaking audience. In this case, it's Arcane Wonders bringing Smartphone Inc. to those of you out there like me.