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SLA Industries

Relaunched just last year, Nightfall Games is looking to expand the offerings available for SLA Industries. They're doing this by bringing you not just one, but two new sourcebooks as part of their ne
Adopt. Adapt. Improve. Words to live by. Growth. Learning. Change. That's what we should all strive for. Even our games should do that. It's with that in mind that Nightfall Games is bringing you a Ki
Outside of Mort City, in the desolate wasteland, is Cannibal Sector 1. As you'd expect from the name, it's not the nicest of places. You don't want to be caught out there unawares. Thankfully, Nightfa
There's been a lot of RPG games that've come and gone over the years. Not every game stays in print forever. And you can end up with some that many people love, but aren't available anymore. Well, suc
SLA Industries has been around as an RPG for a while, coming out originally in 1993. Originally released by Nightfall Games, it puts players in a horrific reality filled with horrible monsters, where