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Games Workshop is also on the 40k web bundle train like Forge World is and has some new ones available over in their webshop for their new faction, the Skitarii. There's 3 different "full army" web bundles, from just a couple units, all the way up to a pretty significant fighting force. You can all get a bundle with a trio of their new walkers. All of them are available for pre-ordering now.

From the website:
Games Workshop knows big guns are where it's at when it comes to an army. As such, they've added two to the Skitarii pre-orders. There's the mobile Onager Dunecrawler, a light walking tank that can quickly get into position to blast the enemy. Then there's the Plasma Obliterator. This cannon's not going anywhere fast, but is certainly able to reach out and touch the enemy at range. ... Touch them with superheated blasts of plasma, that is.

From the website:
Games Workshop has announced a new army is coming for Warhammer 40k. They are the Adeptus Mechanus: Skitarri, the shock-troopers of Mars. They currently have two units available on pre-order. They're the Rangers and the Vanguard. They also have a walker (which has two variants), the Syndonian Dragon and the Ironstrider Ballistarius. There's also transfer sheets available to order.

Check out preview photos below the cut.

From the preview: