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Skirmisher Publishing

Skirmisher Publishing is expanding the factions available for the Ragnarok: Age of Wolves miniatures game. They've released the Viking Warriors faction, including six named characters and the faction'
Skirmisher Publishing is here once more with one of their sourcebooks. If you're looking for a bunch of minor magical items for your party, it might just be what you're looking for. It's Jester Dragon
In a world like those found in fantasy RPGs, life can possibly just pop out of thin air. But how would these spontaneously-created monsters look and act? What kind of rules would that process and thos
Having pre-made adventurers puts GMing on easy mode. Everything is already figured out for you and so you can get to the gaming faster. Skirmisher Publishing has released The Ruins of Woebrook. It's a
Halfway there, everyone. We've made it halfway through the week. Congratulations! I hope you've got some gaming planned for this weekend. I've got some plans to hang out with friends, but beyond the v
In the bombed-out ruins, our heroes come across all manner of forgotten and lost technology and other trinkets from the past. But what, exactly, are they? That's what the Artifacts of the Wastelands g
I'm playing a Bard in my current RPG campaign. I only have 1 purely offensive spell in the form of Thunderwave. Arguably, Hypnotic Pattern is also an offensive spell, but it doesn't actually do damage
Earth Pig. Earth Pig. Does whatever an Earth Pig does. Ok, maybe that doesn't flow quite as well as Spider Pig, but that's not what Skirmisher Publishing has released. They've released the Earth Pi
Skirmisher Publishing is looking to make your holidays that much brighter with their Holiday Festivity Bundle. You can pick up 12 tiles for *checks* ... Yes, for 99% off. That's not a typo. It's actua
Look... humans... they get around, alright? And sometimes, those couplings produce offspring that are a mix between the two parent's species. That's where a hybrid comes in. Skirmisher Publishing has
Biology is the study of living things. There's life all around us in its strange and complicated forms. When creating your own worlds, getting the biology just right can be tricky. In Biology for Fant
Who knew botany could be so dangerous? Skirmisher Publishing has released Mutant Plant Monsters, a new supplement for the Mutant Future setting. As the name implies, it includes all sorts of mutations
For a dungeon master, there's little better than a golem to patrol through your halls. You can just give 'em a simple command and know they'll go take care of it. There's relatively little upkeep. You
The folks over at Skirmisher Publishing are no Scrooges. They are looking to celebrate Christmas all year around with their special 12 Days, 12 titles, for 12% sale. That's right, it's a collection of
All around the world, different peoples have their various tales and legends. Strange monsters, mythical heroes, lost civilizations, fantastic locations. Skirmisher Publishing looks to bring those to
Pretty much everyone knows the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. Jack got some magic beans, his mom tossed them out the window, and they grew an enormous beanstalk. In D&D, there's also a bag of magic b
The name of the company's Skirmisher Publishing. So it seems only right that they have some sort of skirmish game rules available. Well, they'd mostly been putting out fantasy RPG supplements, but now
"Buy together and save!" We see it all the time, but most of the time, those savings are pretty negligible. Like, maybe 5-10%. But when Skirmisher Publishing goes in for a bundle, they make it worth y
March really is coming in like a lion in the gaming industry. At least, Skirmisher Publishing is holding nothing back. They've put together a group of their supplements and are offering them as a sing
As I've said many, many times before, it's always good for the GM of a game to have resources on-hand to help flesh out their game world. Players are great at asking questions that a GM might not have
A castle's defenses are many and varied. You've got thick wall to keep enemies out. Tall towers from which you can rain arrows down on opponents. A sturdy portcullis so foes don't just waltz in throug
February for us here in the West means that it's time for the Chinese Lunar New Year over in, well... China. It's quite a big celebration, with fireworks and red packets and all sorts of stuff. In hon
I just saw that there was a new tomb found in Egypt that's giving more insight into one of the most intriguing civilizations in world history. All sorts of things have been found in Egyptian tombs. Th
Many of you have resolved to get more gaming in this new year. I'm guessing several of you also resolved to be more responsible with money. Well, Skirmisher Publishing is helping you stick to your goa
Every culture is going to have its special days. Be it commemorating some great battle victory, or to mark the occasion in the life of their deities, there's going to be various holidays. Well, Skirmi