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Skirmisher Publishing

If you're looking to add some more zappy goodness or creepy ruined civilizations to your games (or both!), then Skirmisher Publishing has just the book for you. Ray Guns & Ruins gives you exactly
Even in a fantasy world, apocalypses happen. There are those that survive them simply through grit and determination. And when they get back to society, they're sought out for their strength and tough
"More options!" Every gamer and DM wants that for their game. And Skirmisher Publishing is here to help. If you're looking to bring a touch more Lovecraftian horror to your sessions, you can go over a
Halfway through the week already? I'm on board with that. I'm certainly happy to get back to the weekend. And if we're halfway there already, that's just that much the better. I am feeling a bit pecki
Diggin' in the dark is a gas. Baby, can you dig it? And sure, most archeologists aren't anything at all like Indiana Jones, but why can't they be? And what's even cooler than Indiana Jones? Steampunk
Blood. It's what keeps us going. Many different cultures have felt that blood had magical properties and used it in their rituals. With Six Spells: Blood, RPG players can add it to their repertoire no
"More options!" It's the one thing every player wants for their character. And Skirmisher Publishing is here to help. If you're playing a sci-fi game using the OGL, then you can pick up their Interpla
In a lot of videogame RPGs, you'll find all manner and color of slimes. But, in our tabletop RPGs, they tend to just be green (or maybe black). Well, Skirmisher Publishing is looking to get those mult
Dungeons. It's a place that adventurers find themselves in all the time (I was actually surprised to see that this book hadn't come out yet). And they can be filled with just all manner of random stuf
"More options!" That's the one thing pretty much every player can agree on when it comes to their characters. More ways to make their character truly theirs. Well, Skirmisher Publishing is here to hel
Usually, it's the fauna that you have to worry about when you're going adventuring. But the flora can sometimes be just as dangerous. Skirmisher Publishing has released Three Alien Vegetable Monstrosi
Skirmisher Publishing has a new supplement for the Cthulhu Live 3rd Edition RPG. It's called Magic of the Old West and it brings players new magic traditions for the game, new spells, new mechanics,
The folks over at Skirmisher Publishing are always wanting to make sure that their products are as good as they can possibly be. As such, they're regularly releasing new and updated versions of produc
As is their tradition, the folks over at Skirmisher Publishing are prepping for the lunar New Year coming up soon by releasing a monster for Dungeons & Dragons based on it. This upcoming year, we
Skirmisher Publishing has their own special sale going on, including a special Black Friday Bundle that's 90% off what you'd usually spend. Hard to find a better deal all this weekend, to be honest.
Been a little bit since we've heard from Skirmisher Publishing, but they haven't been idle. They've been looking to revise their best-selling book so that it's even better. They have posted this new v
Sure, you could hire some minions to take care of your dungeon, but the upkeep on them can get pretty crazy. Why not just build yourself some guardians instead? That's where golems come in. And if you
Genetics are strange. Your DNA gets bumped and suddenly you have tentacles growing out of you, slimy skin, and all sorts of weird mutations. If you're looking to play something a little different in y
Skirmisher Publishing is always looking to make sure that their books give you everything you need. Recently, they came out with their In the Footsteps of Herculese book, a guide for pilgrimages in RP
"More spells!" It's the cry of every magic-user out there. If there's an easy way to add more options for some player characters, it's giving magic users some more options for when they choose their s
The religious pilgrimage. They're a major part of many religious people's lives and have a long tradition in literature going back to the Canterbury Tales and further back. They can be a great basis f
PDF and electronic versions of books are nice. You can carry a whole library with you in your pocket. But... I don't know, man, there's just something about having an actual book in your hands. I love
Anyone who's watched Ancient Aliens knows that some ancient cultures had materials or ways of doing things that we don't have anymore. Though they'll try and tell you that it was aliens that did it. B
Sure, when it comes to the towns, cities, hamlets, and such in your games, you can just go, "Eh, it's got some buildings and people. That's good enough." But what if you want to actually take things t
Every race has their own connection with the magic realms. They all have different forms and while many spells are replicated by each one, some are unique to certain groups. In this case, we take a lo