Skirmish Virtual TableTop

Skirmish Virtual Tabletop Relaunches on Kickstarter

Pretty much all of us have people we'd love to game with more often. Unfortunately, teleportation technology hasn't quite been worked out yet. So while you'd like to game with friends in other states, countries, or even hemispheres, it's not so easy to do. However, with a virtual tabletop program, you can get the feeling of all of you in one spot, gaming together. The Skirmish Virtual Tabletop didn't quite make it the first time they were on Kickstarter. However, they've retooled, finishing up their closed beta, and are back up looking to get funded this next time around.

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Friday Snippets

And we've made it to Friday.
In some ways it's been a short week, since I worked from home on Tuesday and thus have only been in the office 3 days. However, being still tired from Adepticon has mitigated that somewhat. So I'm very ready for the weekend. I need to sort through my Adepticon loot. Mostly, I need to put together my last two Fishermen models and my new Masons team for Guild Ball. How about you guys?

To help me get through, I think I'll snack on some bite-sized gaming stories. Good thing I've got a batch right here.

Today we have: Infinitas DM - Tabletop RPG Campaign App on Kickstarter, Carpathia Kickstarter Launching April 14, Dreamwars to hit Kickstarter in a few weeks, Roll for your life with these Mutant Chronicles dice, New 30mm and 40mm Round-Lip Pirate Ship Bases Deals From Tabletop-Art, Free Trial of Skirmish Virtual TableTop Happening Now, Totentanz hajduks available, Battle Valor Games 15mm Fantasy New Releases, and Afro-Zombie Launches Mini Crate Kickstarter.

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