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Silver Gryphon Games

Silver Gryphon Games has their A Stitched in Time adventure book now available over in their webshop.SourceFrom the announcement:Silver Gryphon Games is proud to announce that have released A Stitched
Silver Gryphon Games has posted episode 4, the final episode, for their Camp Wicankini adventure arc for Savage Worlds.SourceFrom the release:In keeping with the annual Halloween tradition, Silver Gry
Silver Gryphon Games is in their last day over on Kickstarter for their Aethermancy magic book.SourceFrom the campaign:First of all, we'd like to thank you to Nick and Tyler for hanging out with us f
Silver Gryphon Games launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund Æthermancy, their magic supplement book for the Æther game system.SourceFrom the campaign:Æthermancy: the quintessential Magic sup
Silver Gryphon Games has their second "Adventure in a Con" adventure up and available over in their webshop.From the release:Adventure in a Con: an adventure designed with the Æther Random Setting Gen
Silver Gryphon Games has released their new Milecastle 42 adventure module for both the Savage Worlds and Aether RPG systems.From the release:Do you like the Roman Empire?Do you like zombies?Do you li
Silver Gryphon Games has released a new Savage Wolds supplement with the Djinn of the Deep.From the release:Ten days before release, the Community Manager of Silver Gryphon Games, Kelly Barone had a c
Silver Gryphon Games is going to be starting a series of articles aimed at introducing new people to the world that is gaming.From the announcement:Our community manager has a background in sales, mar
Silver Gryphon Games will be running their Adventure in a Con at VerminCon. You should be a part.From the announcement:We're calling it our"Adventure in a Con" experiment, and here's how it works. Fri
Silver Gryphon Games will be at Vermincon. Will you be there?We’re kicking off our con schedule this year with one that’s just a hop, skip, and a jump for Kevin. Vermincon is a small convention put on
Silver Gryphon Games is making it easy for you to give the gift of gaming this holiday season.One of the problems in shopping for gamers is that you may have something you want to give that certain so
Silver Gryphon Games has released Breaking Murphy, a new RPG scenario for either Savage Worlds or Aether where just nothing goes right.Have you ever had one of those days…one where nothing seems to be