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Silver Games

Silver Games is updating their Ponyfinder books to a new edition. They're happy to release the new version of Races of Everglow. It's not just for one rules set, but 3 now. Head over and get your upda
Silver Games is happy to announce that they've released the 2nd edition of Princess Luminace's Guide to the Pony Pantheon for Ponyfinder. But more than just an update to add Pathfinder 2nd edition, th
Under the sea. Under the sea. *ducks thrown objects* That's where you're headed in Seas of Everglow, a new supplement for Ponyfinder from Silver Games. If you're looking to see how it's better down wh
Silver Games first introduced the False Queen in the From the Ashes supplement for Ponyfinder. But now, it's getting fleshed out fully, with new options as a full pony sub-type for your players to cho
"More options!" It's the one thing every RPG player can agree on when it comes to their characters. And Silver Games is here to help if you've looked at the Pathfinder ones and gone, "meh..." They hav
If you're looking to play a game of Ponyfinder but don't want to just be one of the regular breeds of pony like unicorn or pegasus, you can head over and pick up the Tribes of Everglow 2nd edition and
If you're looking to update your Ponyfinder game to the new Pathfinder 2nd edition rules, you're in luck. Silver Games has released the core book now updated so that the two work together perfectly.
Silver Games has been working on more than just Ponyfinder. They've also got Tails of the City, a new RPG Adventure that's up on Kickstarter now. If you're playing Pathfinder 1st or 2nd edition or Dun
The land to the east is the home of the beast folk. They started from nothing to create just a little plot of land that they could call their own to homestead. Now, your characters can go and see what
Dig in the dark is a gas. Baby, can you dig it?
Silver Games sells their Ponyfinder books through DriveThruRPG. DriveThruRPG is having a huge sale on Pathfinder and Pathfinder-related materials. Ponyfinder is Pathfinder-related. Therefore, Ponyfind
With the changeover to Pathfinder 2nd edition, many other games that used the Pathfinder rules set are finding themsleves needing to update as well. For those playing Silver Games' Ponyfinder, they ha
The war is over. But what do the survivors do in the aftermath? Can they eke out a living in the new wildnerness that's been created? That's for you to decide in From the Ashes, a new setting book for
Sure, buffing your other party members is cool. But what if you would prefer to instead debuff your opponents? You could help set up for the killing blow from your party mates. That's exactly what the
Soldiers. They've sworn their lives to uphold the honor, integrity, and borders of their nation. It's not a role one takes on easily. That holds true in the world of Ponyfinder, too. This new book fro
Silver Games has released a new supplement for their Ponyfinder RPG. In this instance, it's all about going from plane to plane with The Care and Handling of Rifts. The various elemental planes aren't
In Ponyfinder, you can be a pony of various types (as one would expect). You can be a full flesh-and-blood pony. Or, you can be a mechanical one. However, with Bit N Bolt, you can now be the bionic po
Wizards, potions, alien experiments... randy bards... There's a lot of ways that two different races in a fantasy or sci-fi game to interbreed and end up with mixed kids. Silver Games has released a n
The sea is a magical place filled with all manner of creatures... creatures that are ready to crawl up out of the depths at any time and attack the unwary! Who will be willing to take on these terrors
Blevik is a city dominated by doppelgangers. So, while it can be a nice place to visit, you're never 100% sure who you might be interacting with. This new book for Ponyfinder (also Pathfinder and 5th
The To Found an Empire series for Ponyfinder continues along.Your players have survived the events of The Fragile Threads, and things seemed peaceful for the past seven years. However, all is not well
Every country is going to have its grandest city. This bustling metropolis breeds a different type of inhabitant. They have different skills based on their living situation, and different needs. They
Many of us know about the three main types of ponies: pegasi, unicorns, and earth ponies. Some of you might also know about gem ponies and a couple other types. Well, the Hidden Draft book for Ponyfin
Silver Games is further expanding their Ponyfinder product line with Ponyfinder: Tactics. This book looks to give players a whole bunch of new options for their characters. New feats, new base class (
With the release of Starfinder, Silver Games has gone and updated their Ponyfinder: Beyond Everglow book to make it compatible with that system. Want to take your pony characters out into the stars? W