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You may have never seen the movie The Warriors, but there's a good chance you know bits of it just through pop culture. Street gangs in garish, matching clothing. Secret information given out through
It's been a scorcher so far this week in the US. Certainly has been here in Atlanta, at least. That heat's made it rough to go outside for anything. Seems like a good time to stay inside and do some g
*clinks some empty bottles together*Warriors! Come out and plaaaaaaaaay!Warriors! Come out and plaaaaaaaaay!*clink**clink*clink*If you've never seen the movie The Warriors, you're really missing out.
Friday is once more upon us. I hope you've got plans for gaming over the next couple days, be it FNM, some miniatures action, or maybe an RPG or two. I've got some projects on my desk to work on in th