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You may have never seen the movie The Warriors, but there's a good chance you know bits of it just through pop culture. Street gangs in garish, matching clothing. Secret information given out through radio DJs. And, of course, putting some bottles on your fingers and clanking them together while wanting people to come out and play. Now you can be in charge of your own gang of misfits in The Warriors: Turf War up on Kickstarter now.
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It's been a scorcher so far this week in the US. Certainly has been here in Atlanta, at least. That heat's made it rough to go outside for anything. Seems like a good time to stay inside and do some gaming. Or at least get set for some gaming this weekend. But if we're going to make it through the heat and the week, we need to hydrate, as well as chow down on some bite-sized gaming stories.

On the platter today we have: Ainsty Castings Summer Sale and New Hammers Slammers 15mm, MidKnight Heroes Online store opening sale and Super Chibi round 2 Kickstarter, Silverclutch Games Launches Beneath Nexus Kickstarter Next Week, The Warriors: Turf Wars Kickstarter Launches On the 29th, Son of a Blank Party Card Game Contest Happening Now, Hero Master RPG-Inspired Greeting Cards Up On Kickstarter, and A.E.G.I.S. Coming To Kickstarter Soon.

*clinks some empty bottles together*
Warriors! Come out and plaaaaaaaaay!
Warriors! Come out and plaaaaaaaaay!
If you've never seen the movie The Warriors, you're really missing out. It's such an odd movie. It's serious, and yet has gangs dressed up as pimps, or baseball players with clown makeup. It's a story of just trying to get home, but wondering if it was really worth it all in the end. Plus, there's the above lines of dialogue, which I'm sure you've heard of, but might have never known where, exactly, it was from. Well, Silly Kid Games is taking the interesting world of that movie and bringing it to your tabletop.
Friday is once more upon us. I hope you've got plans for gaming over the next couple days, be it FNM, some miniatures action, or maybe an RPG or two. I've got some projects on my desk to work on in the form of some minis to build for review articles. Should be a good time. Reminds me that I need to borrow the good camera for the weekend.

Anyway, as is custom, we've collected some bite-sized stories and now giving them to you to snack on.

In this group we've got: Von Rotte Light Troops released by Alternative Armies, a new free scenario for Skrimish Sangin, New 32mm bases from Tabletop-Art, 4 New Desert Tomb Maps from Heroic Maps, USA Today talks about Earth Encounters, New Photo-Realistic Building Release from Sally 4th, Coming Soon from Silly Kid Games: Golem Academy Action Anime Card Game, Khurasan releases Space Demon Vampires, New 32mm bases from Micro Art Studio, and New Legionary Smash Hammers from Kromlech.