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Shadowrun Crossfire

Catalyst Game Labs doing much to diversify the games that they offer. Take, for example, this month's releases that they just posted. On one side you've got Wrath of Dragons. On the other, you have Sh
It just wouldn't be Gen Con without Randall and Catalyst Game Labs in attendance. As they have for the past... lots of years, they will once more be at the show and they're gonna be packed with cool s
Catalyst Game Labs has announced the first expansion for their Shadowrun: Crossfire deck-building game. High-Caliber Ops is soon to be headed to print. This isn't just a couple of cards, but a pretty
Catalyst Game Labs has opened up voting for their Shadowrun: Crossfire Mission Contest. You sent in your missions, now it's time to decide which is the best. You can either vote on their forums or sen
CorSec Engineering helps you keep track of where you are in cyberspace with their new Shadowrun: Crossfire token sets.SourceFrom the release:CorSec Engineering has released a brand new set of tokens f
Catalyst Game Labs is running a contest wherein you could get your mission added as part of the official organized play for the kit.SourceFrom the announcement:Shadowrun: Crossfire is in the wilds, be
Board Game Quest plugs into the net and gives us their review of Shadowrun: Crossfire.SourceFrom the post:You’ve entered the gritty, cyberpunk fantasy world of Shadowrun. It’s a world filled with dang
Catalyst Game Labs has posted up their release dates for the rest of August and into September.There's quite a lot these guys have headed your way very soon.Source
Catalyst Game Labs is showing off more Crossfire action with a look at a new mission.SourceFrom the post:This week? Time for another Mission to use alongside your Demo Kit. Below are the front and bac
Catalyst Game Labs has posted the Shadowrun: Crossfire rulebook up online so you can all see how the game works before it comes out.SourceFrom the announcement:Continuing our weekly release of Shadowr
Catalyst Game Labs is giving you a chance to win their Shadowrun: Crossfire deck-building game at Origins.SourceFrom the announcement:The highly anticipated Shadowrun: Crossfire deck-building game is
Catalyst Game Labs has posted up previews of the character cards from the upcoming Shadowrun: Crossfire deck-building game.SourceFrom the preview:Thought we’d share a slew of pre-final Character Cards
Catalyst Game Labs has posted up a shot of what a game of Shadowrun: Crossfire might look like in their latest preview.SourceFrom the preview:With holidays and sickness out of the way, time to get bac
Catalyst Game Labs has some preview cards posted up for the Mage for Shadowrun Crossfire.SourceFrom the preview:In Shadowrun: Crossfire, the Mage is the master of deck manipulation and dealing damage.
Catalyst Game Labs is showing off some of the hacking cards that'll be part of the Shadowrun: Crossfire deck-building game.SourceFrom the preview:In the Shadowrun: Crossfire adventure deck-building ga
Catalyst Game Labs takes us more inside the world of Shadowrun Crossfire with a look at being the Face of the group.As opposed to being the BA or the Hannibal of the group.From the post:Why can’t I fi
Catalyst Game Labs created the Shadowrun: Crossfire demo box to help get players into the game quickly and show off the mechanics of the deck-building system. They'll have the demo boxes with them at
Catalyst Game Labs gives us some more looks into the Shadowrun Crossfire deck-building game with a look at the Street Samurai and some of the cards that help them out.From the article:Sure the Street
Catalyst Game Labs posted another inside look into the design of Shadowrun Crossfire, their deck-building game. This time it's about trashing cards.From the article:Deck-building games have a traditio