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Apparently, it was Skirmish Game Saturday over at Games Workshop this weekend. They've got new releases for both Necromunda and Shadespire, so no matter whether you like futuristic or fantasy gang ski
Games Workshop has started taking orders for a batch of new Shadespire releases. They include a pair of new warbands. Seeing as it's Halloween, they've got an undead band. They've also got an Ork band
I mean, it's the Underworld. You can't really expect there not to be undead running around all over the place. And such will be the case, as a new undead faction will be coming to Warhammer Underworld
Well, seems Adepticon is getting a bit of announcements coming out of it. This one's about Shadespire, a new Age of Sigmar-based miniatures board game coming from Games Workshop later this year. Warha