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Shades of Vengeance

The folks over at Shades of Vengeance have a new RPG for you. It's called Era: Forbidden, and it puts players in the war over the afterlife, itself, as angels and demons are waging their war, with hum
The folks over at Shades of Vengeance want to make sure that you have all the Era: Survival books you possibly can. They have had one successful Kickstarter for a whole bunch of expansions. Now, they'
Shades of Vengeance has a new Era RPG Kickstarter campaign running. This time around, it's Era: Lost Legend. If you're a fan of Final Fantasy games (and I know that I am), then this is the RPG for you
Shades of Vengeance is back up on Kickstarter. They've got another of their RPGs they're looking to fund. This time, it's Era: Forbidden, a game where angels and demos are fighting a terrible war, wit
*sniffle* They grow up so fast! In this case, we're talking about Shades of Vengeance and their sci-fi RPG, Era: The Consortium. The game is celebrating it's 5th year and they're running a Kickstarte
Shades of Vengeance has quite a few games in their Era system. Seven, to be exact. And they're looking to add new content to all of them on a regular basis. To do this, they've decided to create Zine
Shades of Vengeance has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new item in their Era line. This time around, it's a horror RPG. Era: The Chosen covers a sprawling 100 years of history, all the way from
Shades of Vengeance is adding to their Era line of RPGs. You've seen The Consortium and Survival, now, get your spandex supersuit ready, as it's time for Era: The Empowered. Gain mighty powers of stre
When the folks at Shades of Vengeance want to expand the Era: The Consortium universe, they don't just give you one or two expansion books. They look to blow the doors wide open with as many expansion
I wish I could be a fighter pilot.No, really. Back when I was a kid, that was near the top of my list of things I wanted to do. Unfortunately, I've got godawful eyes and so Top Gun academy was never r
Shades of Vengeance's last Kickstarter campaign was to create a bunch of expansions for Era: The Consortium. It was successful and the game got quite a huge boost in terms of material. Well, those pro
The aliens are invading. They've already raised the dead and brought out the werewolves to help. But that's apparently not enough. So they're sending in the giant robots. To counter them, the people o
Patreon is a crowdfunding campaign a lot of you still maybe haven't tried. If you're interested in it, and what it can do for a game, check out the one being run by Shades of Vengeance. They've recent
Want to be part of the gaming industry? Well, here's one of those fairly rare opportunities. Plus, it's for Game Developer, one that a lot of people are looking to get. Shades of Vengeance is looking
While having an ebook is nice (there's the portability, the searchability, and other such things good about them), I guess I'm just a traditionalist. I like having an actual book in my hand when I'm g
Everyone loves to see their favorite games supported by the companies that make them. Well, if you're a fan of The Outland Chronicles, you should also be fans of how Shades of Vengeance has their new
The popular survival-horror RPG, Era: Survival, had quite a campaign last year on Kickstarter. Well, it delivered and players got their chance to give it a play and they wanted more. Well, the folks a
Well, aliens are invading. Doesn't that just ruin your work week? I guess we should try and defend our home planet. You know. It's the only one we've got right now. Of course, humans being the competi
There've been some high-profile assassinations around the world lately. I certainly don't condone such things, but it's easy to see how people can be fascinated by when such a thing happens. Whether i
As I've mentioned (even just earlier this week), I like to know what I'm getting into before I buy a game. These days, with so many coming out, you can't possibly buy all of them. But how do you pick?
Many times you've heard me talk about how a GM can't have too many resources available to them when working on their game. Also, players can't have enough material when looking to make their character
The time has come for your hero to learn their true name. But to do so, they must overcome the challenges that the Oracle has set in front of them. They will be astrally-whisked away to the Isle of Si
It's Thursday, so that must mean that civilization has crashed again. Damnit, Carl! I told you to pay attention to that meter over there! Now we're all doomed. I guess we'll just have to break the sur
We're making it, people! We're making it! We've just about made it to the weekend. Some of you reading this who are to the East of me have already made it there. Those of us here in the last couple ti
Well... that was a bit of an adventure.For those interested in keeping track, Monday I noticed my car had a coolant leak. Tuesday I took it into the shop. They originally said, "it'll just be a couple