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Sgt Major Miniatures

Play Unplugged posted another mini review on their website. This one's the Waste Priests from Sgt. Major Miniatures.SourceFrom the review:I first encountered Sgt. Major Miniatures at Historicon last y
Play Unplugged continues their Historicon interview series with their talk with Sgt. Major Miniatures.From the interview:Play Unplugged‘s Historicon 2013 coverage continues! Andy Turlington takes some
Dawn of the Lead looks at some more of Sgt. Major Miniatures line with a review of their Allied Troopers.From the review:The Allied Troopers produced by Sgt. Major Miniatures have been added to Dawn o
Sgt Major Miniatures recently took over the Venexia Miniatures line, has remastered them, and has started to release them back out to you.From the announcement:or those of you have been patiently awai
Sgt Major Miniatures will now be making the 15mm Feudal Castings line, themselves, having acquired it from QRF Miniatures.From the announcement:Sgt Major Miniatures would like to announce the purchase
Sgt Major Miniatures has updated and revamped their website as well as added to their Vietnam and Sci-Fi lines. Check out all the new releases.From the announcement:News from Sgt major Miniatures has