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Serious Lemon

Some of you may remember Realm - Fantasy Battles by Serious Lemon. It was a fantasy miniatures game that they produced. Then the game went away for a while. Well, it's back and now being made under th
Serious Lemon is having a holiday sale on their website for the entire month.SourceFrom the sale:For the month of December we have 15% off all orders. Use the discount code:NorwegianBlueto take advant
Realm Fantasy Warfare is how available in pdf form via download.SourceFrom the announcement:After a long wait, the eagerly anticipated and oft-requested pdf version of the rules are finally available
Realm Fantasy Warfare now has a webshop all their own up and running. Go get yourself some minis direct from the source.SourceFrom the announcement:The web store is open!If you have any comments or qu
Serious Lemon has a preview up of the new 15mm Revenant Lord they've been working on.SourceFrom the preview:OK've all been superbly patient. I've finally got some things to show off!Here is
Serious Lemon updated the rules for Realm Fantasy Warfare and has posted them up online on their website.From the update:Hi all! A bit of an exciting update (well, for me anyway). I've just updated th
Serious Lemon posted up some preview artwork for the Daemon Oxen they're working on.From the preview:It's that time again. Here is the concept for the final unit that will be available for our initial
Serious Lemon put up some photos of the Feral Imps they've been working on over in their shop.From the update:Hi guys!I haven't posted for a while but will hopefully be a bit more active over the next
Serious Lemon gives us a look at their upcoming Honor Guard with a peek at the artwork and some 3D renders for them.From the preview:Hi all,Here is our latest concept art for The Cursed - the Honour G
Serious Lemon gives us a look at the preview art for their next model coming out for Realm: Fantasy Warfare.From the preview:Hi all, Here is some concept art for the first miniature in our upcoming ra
Serious Lemon has added Jonathan Peace to the Realm: Fantasy Warfare team.From the announcement:Good news! I'm very pleased to announce that I will be working with Jonathan Peace in further developing
Serious Lemon, makers of Realm Fantasy Warfare, wants to know which faction you, the players, want to see next in the game.From the announcement:Hi guys, I'm looking to get some feedback as to which r
Serious Lemon wants to know if you want to be a minis-sculptor. If you do, give them a ring and they may have some work for you.I am in need of one or more talented sculptors for commission work. Ind
Serious Lemon has updated the web resources for Realm Fantasy Warfare including new downloadable tokens, a force generator and a Facebook page.From the update:Hi all. I wanted to share an update on ho
Serious Lemon has been working on Realm - Fantasy Warfare pretty hard and they wanted to give everyone a progress report.An update at last! Boy, did that take longer than I thought. We have made some
Realm Fantasy Warfare gives us an update on their situation after their IndieGoGo campaign and has a new policy about their online rules.Scott here from Serious Lemon. Just a quick announcement that o
Serious Lemon is looking to fund a new miniatures wargame they've been working on called Realm. Go check out the trailer and pledge some help over at Indiegogo.From the preview:I'm hdk from serious le