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Sergeant BlackArt

It's Sunday. Hopefully you had an epic Saturday of gaming. For those that went to Salute, I hope it was a blast. I'm really jealous of those that were able to go. It's a show I'd love to make it to at
Terrible Kids Stuff has their latest figure kit, Jack in the Plucker, available now over in their shop.SourceFrom the release:We are really happy to show our last release, under license of Brom, it's
Terrible Kids Stuff has released their next limited-edition resin model over on their website. This one's Lord Draeg-hon.SourceFrom the release:We already spoke about this project some weeks ago on ou
Terrible Kids Stuff has their latest release available over in their webshop. Say hello to Kate.SourceFrom the release:Now it’s one year that Sergeant BlackArt's blog is online and we would like to pa
Terrible Kids Stuff has their second wave of models now available. They're Steelarm and Al Capone.From the release:Terrible Kids Stuff is going to release two new figures. The first one is Steelarm th
Sergeant Black Art has their first two minis now out and available. Check 'em out.From the release:Roosevelt is casted in white metal and is in scale 1:32. The concept was done by Andrea Jula, sculpte
Sergeant BlackArt gives us a piece of concept art for a new model they're working on that will be released soon.From them to you:Sergeant BlackArt is pleased to present you Terrible Kids Stuff, an ama