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Senji Studios

Senji Studios has a sale running now over on their website to finish off the last of their wave 1 Iron Truss Bridge sets.SourceFrom them to you:Right now we are clearing out the last of our Wave 1 bri
Senji Studios takes a look at the Alpha lighting kit from PoweredPlay Gaming and lets you know how they feel about the subject.From the review:Powered Play Gaming all started because a father wanted t
Senji Studios has a review up of the Gothic Tank Traps and Power Generator available from Secret Weapon Miniatures.From the review:The selection at Secret Weapon Miniatures is constantly growing. They
Senji Studios has a review up of the Ziterdes Windmill terrain piece. Is it the right part for your gaming table?From the review:The recently released Ziterdes Windmill is one of the most intricate se
Senji Studios did a review of Ziterdes Iron World terrain that they consider a good substitute for Forge World terrain. Does it hold up?From the review:Forge World recently released the Zone Mortalis
Senji Studios recently reviewed Warmill's Security Compound. Go see what they had to say about it.From them to you:Warmill is one of many new companies manufacturing laser cut mdf terrain products. Th
Senji Studios wants you to flock off... or not flock off, as it were, but flock on. So they're reviewing GrassTech 2 Electronic Flocking Applicator.The latest flocking applicator by GrassTech USA is n
Senji Studios posts a review of the Grass Tech Flocking Applicator:From their website:The Grass Tech works by creating an electrostatic field which charges the poly fibre static grass enabling it to s
Senji Studios reviews the Ratgard conversion set for the GW Chimera:
Senji Studios reviews Ziterdes Victorian Town House:From their announcement:Senji Studios reviews Ziterdes Victorian Town House.
Senji Studios reviews Ziterdes Bank Building.
Senji Studios have posted a review of the Ziterdes Trench Works terrain.
Senji Studios have posted a review of the Guest House terrain piece from Ziterdes.
Senji Studios have posted a review of the Ziterdes Emperor’s Palace terrain set.