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Sedition Wars

Sedition Wars is climbing their way to $330k. They're hoping a new perk model will get them there.

From the update:

Get Niven for $10! This version of him will only be available during this Kickstarter and at conventions. We have big plans for the character though, expect to see more of him later! Expected to ship March 2013.

And of course....

If we hit this stretch, it looks like Mr Banks won't make it off this tub after all. Every one who purchase Niven Banks gets his Strained version free! Ships the same time as Niven.

Sedition Wars jumped up over $200k over the weekend thanks to some new pledge levels and some new stretch goals. Here's the picture of what's gonna be the prize when they reach $210k.

From the update:
Each Biohazard set will get FOUR extra Phase 3 Strain models, 2 each of the Scythe Witch and Brimstone! I hope those Las-Carbines are fully charged....

Studio McVey is up over $160k for their Sedition Wars Kickstarter and they put up an art-to-model article for the Grendlr up on their blog. See how a model goes from art to armature to piece in a game. It's a really interesting read.

From the article:

One of the most enjoyable parts of making Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster, was working with the sculptors. Seeing wonderful concepts being realised in 3D is such an exciting process - and one that I never tire of. I'm proud to have worked with some of the very best talents in the gaming industry on this product - miniatures have always been the focus of what we do at Studio McVey, and I wanted to make sure the figures we put in the finished game were as good as anything people had seen before.

Studio McVey is still doing well for their Sedition Wars game. And here's a look at another of the models for the game, the Samaritan Lancer.

From the update:

One of the new miniatures that is going in the game in one of the Elite Samaritan troopers -
Samaritan Lancer.
An interlaced electron beam acts as a guidance system for the plume of superhot plasma fired by the Azriel class fusion lance. The highly intense beam of energy is the equivalent of a controlled solar flare, capable of burning holes through Meridian class hull-plating.

Frontline Gamer has their finger on the pulse of gaming. It's just the way they operate. As such, they're giving away a copy of Sedition Wars: Battle For Alabaster that we've all been hearing so much about.

"The Details"

As part of my first year Birthday giveaway Mike McVey kindly donated a copy of Sedition Wars the Battle for Alabaster... you know because he's awesome. So I'm giving you guys a chance to win it.

Firstly yes I am aware that I hit 625 followers at some point during last Friday evening / Saturday morning, and yes I'm aware that should have triggered the Studio McVey Sedition Wars giveaway. However, I was busy trying to sort two of my previous prize draws out, and adding another competition to the mix over the weekend just didn't seem wise. So then I seem to already be on to my fifth birthday prize draw, that means I'm now past half way mark on my mammoth giveaway bonanza

Sedition Wars has made it up over $130k! Pretty amazing, wouldn't you think? Anyway, they've put up a video of the gameplay, and let's take a look at their next stretch goal, eh?

From the update:

Barker Zosa packs a mean punch with his massive Pulse Cannon. Sometimes, it's ok to blow a hole in the side of a ship. That's when you give Barker a call!

If we hit this stretch, every game gets tooled up with this great heavy weapons specialist!

Sedition Wars is up over $100k and climbing. Here's what's in store if they hit $120k.

From the update:

What a week it's been! The Kickstarter campaign launched last Friday and to our complete amazement we have passed the $100K mark already. We have passed several strech goals along the way - giving the game more variation in the minaitures you get, and converting the Infetion and Deflection Shield counters to plastic clip on tokens for the bases. We have also converted the paper nano counters to fancy transparent green plastic.
Along with that - everyone who pledged at the Biohazzrd level ($100) or above, will get an additional 12 vanguard troopers!

The next stretch goal is $120K, and if we hit that Biohazard pledgers will also get 12 additional Strain Phase 1 and Phase 2 miniatures.

As you more-than-likely know, Mike McVey has a Kickstarter Campaign going on to raise funds for his Sedition Wars board game. It's doing great, having just crossed the $100k mark, still with 29 days to go. They've even just put up a new stretch goal for an alternate-sculpt.

Well, Mike was kind enough to talk with us some about the project and some other stuff recently and we'd like to share it with you in our ever-continuing TGN Interview series.

Sedition Wars by Mike McVey is doing swimmingly over on Kickstarter. They're already 4x their funding level and still headed up. Their next goal is $100k. If they get there, here's what you get:

From the campaign:

If we hit this stretch, every game will get a horrific alternate sculpt of a Phase 1 Strain model. If you didn't have a reason to keep firing before, you sure do now!

Studio McVey have released two variants of the Sedition Wars T.H.I. Utility Carapace armoured figures.

From their announcement:
The Thorn Heavy Industries Utility Carapace was originally intended for deep immersion in hostile industrial environments. Designed to withstand physical loads of pressure and gravity that would kill unprotected bodies, the Firebrand found they offer excellent protection from the advanced firepower of their enemies. Once retro-fitted with devastating weaponry, these suits are ideal for the Firebrand's battle with the Vanguard.

There are two variants of these units - the Maul and Mattock patterns. Both have the same central chassis, but offer different weapon and arm combinations. Both are supplied with the open and closed hatches, and the separate pilot heads.
The Sedition Wars alpha rules are now available in German . From their announcement:
Studio McVey's nascent fanbase proves it's awesomeness once again. A German translation of the Alpha Rules and Cards has come into our possession, and we are making it available for download.
While they are working on getting printed versions added to their online store, Studio McVey have added a PDF download of the map for people to print and use for their own games. Sedition Wars map
Studio McVey have posted an alpha version of their Sedition Wars rules and cards. From their website:
I come bearing gifts. For all of those clamoring to get your grubby hands on the Sedition Wars' Alpha Rules & Cards, let the downloads commence. I am sure that Mike will come along at the appropriate time with more information regarding feedback, and how and where Studio McVey wants that presented.
The Hopeless Gamer blog has a new post with photos of the Sedition Wars figures on display at GenCon 2011. From their announcement:
Fresh out of Gencon, we have pictures of all the Sedition Wars minis from the Vanguard to the Firebrand to the disgustingly-cool Strain minis. Come check out what these great sculpts look like in the real world.
YouTube user PaintwithTrash has posted a video, from GenCon 2011, with Mike McVey discussing Sedition Wars.
Studio McVey have added the Strain models to their online store. Strain Phase4 From their announcement:
We have been working hard on the Strain miniature range for quite a while now, and the initial 8 are available now as high quality resin castings in the Studio Store. This is our largest release ever, and to celebrate that we are offering free shipping on all orders for the entire month of August. Just enter SHIPSTRAIN when asked "Do you have a coupon?" in the checkout process, and you will get free shipping.
Studio McVey have posted photos of a painted example of the Strain Phase 4 Heavy Exoform miniature. Phase 4 Heavy Exoform From their website:
Here's the big-daddy of the Strain exoforms (for now at least!) - The Grendlr. All of the sculpts for the Strain miniatures are amazing, but this one is just stunning - a sci-fi horror masterpiece by Jacques-Alexandre Gillois. The Phase 1 sculpts are all by Remy Tremblay, and the Phase 2 and 3 are by Yannick Hennebo - both have excelled themselves with these I think. Brilliant work all round.
Studio McVey have posted photos of three painted examples of the Strain Phase 1 Necroforms from their Sedition Wars sic-fi game. Phase 1 Necroform From their website:
Here are the final painted images on the Strain Phase 1 Necroforms - pretty nasty stuff! The rest of the phases are well under way and I might even be posting the painted phase 2 miniatures later today. These (and all the others) will be pre-releasing at GenCon 2011 this coming week (4th - 7th August). We will also have them for sale at the same time in the Studio Store.
Studio McVey have posted the concept art for the fourth phase of the Strain aliens from their Sedition Wars sic-fi game and miniature range. From their website:
This is the final preview of the current Strain line - the big-daddy Phase 4 Grendlr. Ali showed a sneak peak of the painting of this over on the Facebook page - it's quite a beast.
Vokker DarguStudio McVey have added two metal Sedition Wars figures to their online store. From their announcement:
We have just added the metal versions of the Male Vanguard Trooper and Firebrand Commander Vokker Dargu to the Studio Store. We are still offering flat rate shipping of £2.95 to anywhere in the world - no matter how many miniatures you order.
The Studio McVey blog has two new entries with concept art for the Strain Brimstone and Scythe Witch models from their Sedition Wars sci-fi range.
Studio McVey have posted new concept art of a Strain figure from their Sedition Wars sci-fi range. Strain concept art