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Secrets of the Third Reich

A new expansion is now available for Secrets of the Third Reich. It's called Dossier X-01, and it's chocked full of new units of all types for your games. But not just rules, West Wind Productions has
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Real-world conspiracy theorists love to talk about all the strange things that the Nazis were trying to do during WWII. It's well-known that Hitler was interested in ancient (sometimes occult) artifac
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West Wind Productions calls the brute squad (I'm on the brute squad) with their Siberian Brute Squad for Secrets of the Third Reich.From the release:The NEW Siberian Brutes for Secrets of the Third Re
West Wind Productions has shipped their Suslik Mining Suits. So they'll be with you soon!From the release:The Soviet Mining suit for Secrets of the Third Reich is now shipping to customers and stores.
West Wind Productions is showing off some artwork for the Japanese they've got in the works for Secrets of the Third Reich.From the preview:Preview of the concept work for the Japanese Heavy Armour fo
West Wind Productions expands their Secrets of the Third Reich line with the new Suslik Mining Suits.From the release:New for ''1949 SoTR II ''Nicknamed “Suslik”, or “Gopher”, these suits are capable
West Wind Productions put up two more pieces of Secrets of the 3rd Reich artwork: Head-Kase and US Marine.
West Wind Productions has been posting up preview art for both Empire of the Dead and Secrets of the 3rd Reich.
West Wind Productions shows off a preview of their upcoming Hammer Jaw walker for the Soviet forces in Secrets of the Third Reich.From the preview:Here is a quick look at the Soviet Hammer-Jaw Spider
West Wind Productions have posted details of the Secrets of the Third Reich Grand Tournament. From their announcement: The SOTR Grand Tournament is this year to be held at Derby World Championships.
Grindhouse Games have posted a free PDF with Secrets of the Third Reich stats for the models from the recent Incursion: SNAFU expansion.
West Wind Productions will have copies of their Secrets of the Third Reich British Para Platoon starter set for sale at Salute 2011 and it is available for pre-order now.From their announcement:Due fo