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Second Gate Games

The Wild West. There were all sorts of things going on during those heady times. Towns were filled with Marshals, Bounty Hunters, Outlaws, and anyone else seeking fortune and opportunity. And that's w
The siege is almost at an end! Only one day remains for CMON and Second Gate Games on Kickstarter for B-Sieged. The campaign has come a long way, busting through various stretch goals. There's a pleth
The city of Modhelm just can't catch a break. First there were the hordes of the Abyss. Then there was the Iron Orc Nation. Now there's zombies! The B-Sieged Kickstarter is crossing over with the upco
"Graaaar!" ... That's what I assume the Avatar of the Abyss sounds like, whether it's happy or sad. "Yay!" is the sound that I assume B-Sieged backers are making now that the sculpted Avatar of the Ab
B-Sieged keeps rolling along on their Kickstarter campaign. They're making through more stretch goals, helped along by new a Heroes box add-on. This $17 add-on includes three new town defenders to you
CMON and Second Gate have 2 weeks left on their clock for the B-Sieged Kickstarter. They've come a long way, but there's always more to unlock. To help things along, they've added the Darkness & Fury
CMON and Second Gate Games is busting through stretch goals in B-Sieged. In their wake they're leaving specially sculpted tokens, alternate and extra sculpts for the various monsters, and new heroes t
CMON and The Second Gate Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for B-Sieged, (Click Here) their new cooperative board game. This cooperative game pits players, who take command of heroes defen