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The next evolution in VOID is coming next year from Seb Games. They're previewing the upcoming VOID - Squad Tactics box over on their website. Head over and have yourselves a look.
A new miniatures game is marching towards your tabletops, drawing ever-closer. It's Battle Havoc! from Seb Games. Their initial, 2-player starter box is available to pre-order now. Why pre-order? Well
Battle Havoc is a new fantasy miniatures game coming from Seb Games. The starter box is called the BattleBox and we get a look at the minis that will be coming in it with this preview.
Halfway through the week. Halfway to the weekend. We're at the top of hump day and it's time to slide on back down. While we're up here, might as well have a light snack of some bite-sized gaming stor
Halfway through the week already? Can't complain about that, really. I'm always ready for the weekend. I'm also always ready for tasty treats. Yesterday, I made Mostaccioli (my grandmother's recipe) f
The week continues along. It's been a quick one again, at least for me. I'm like, "Oh! It's already Wednesday!" So, that's nice. It also means I get to have myself a snack. Today, it's a quick one in
We've made it to Wednesday. The week's half-over. I'm looking forward to the weekend because I have absolutely nothing planned, Saturday or Sunday. We're taking a week off from D&D to give our DM
Well, the first full week of the new year is over. I can't say that it's been the peaceful, uneventful, "ease back into things" week that I would've hoped for, but waddyagonnado? We've made it to the