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Seas of Iron

Battle Bunker Games sets sail for adventure with their Seas of Iron: Rising Sun Kickstarter campaign. Rising Sun is an expansion to Seas of Iron but also a stand-alone if you don't have the main game.
Battle Bunker Games has their Seas of Iron Kickstarter wound down to the final days. They've made more than 2x their original goal, so they've already unlocked some more stuff for the game, but there'
Battle Bunker Games previews the artwork for the Graf Spee that's been added to their Kickstarter campaign for Seas of Iron.From the update:German pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee added.
Battle Bunker Games is showing off the two ship cards for the Richelieu for their Seas of Iron game up on Kickstarter.From the update:The pristine and battle damaged Richelieu.