SeaDragon Miniatures

SeaDragon Miniatures Norsgard Unveiled

SeaDragon Miniatures previews the first of their miniature line for their game, Norsgard:

From their post:

The middle of winter is the perfect time to recount Norse sagas. It is also the perfect time for the unveiling of the first fantasy miniature line with a Nordic theme. After many months of hard work, with pride we present Norsgard.

The first available model is the Keeper of the Flame. Game rules will be available shortly.

We already have a bunch of beautiful miniatures ready, but we really need your support to make it possible for the game to exists. Without your help it will not be possible for this small project to survive.

We hope for your support!

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SeaDragon Miniatures Posts Information on Playtesting for their New Game Norsgard

SeaDragon Miniatures has posted information on their FB page for Playtesting their new game Norsgard:

From their Facebook page:

Norsgard is a fantasy skirmish set in a legendary world of Isbran. An ever-winter land where fierce conflicts arise, and passions that can melt even the ice. From high mountains to storm shattered seas you can find warriors waiting for battle. Grim but noble orc templars will soon try to stop hordes of undead. Secret order of Valkyries will be fighting against blood-frenzied barbarians. Conflicts will arise and other people will soon join the upcoming war. It will be time of epic battles, heroes will arise... or fall. It is high time to join and create your own legend in the lands of ice and fire!

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Sapphire Wars - release plan & painted Weapons Officer

SeaDragon Miniatures have posted details of their release schedule as well as a preview of a painted Sapphire Wars Weapons Officer figure. UuchuuKat Weapons Officer From their announcement:
Finally painted version of UuchuuKat Weapons Officer. There still promo arts for this mini.
  • 10/JUN/2011 - Alpha Arms Special Unit - Sniper
  • 10/JUL/2011 - UuchuuKat Special Unit - Fox sniper (yes, finally much earlier than I was saying
  • 10/AUG/2011 - MalGen Inc. - Assault Unit - Periculum (yeah, boar heavy)
  • 10/SEP/2011 - Alpha Arms - Special Unit - Assault trooper (another kitty)

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Sapphire Wars update

SeaDragon Miniatures have posted an update on the status of their Sapphire Wars range of 28mm sci-fi miniatures. Malgen Inc. Pelagus soldier concept art From their announcement:
Production process is going quite swift now. Thanks to this I can reduce price for miniatures in Sapphire Wars range. Now each miniature will cost only €9.. For all customers who bought already both of miniatures I will have special offer with next release. I wish to thank all of them for supporting this project from very beginning. Alpha Arms sniper should be available to buy at the end of May - price €9.

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Sapphire Wars UuchuuKat Weapons Officer pre-order

SeaDragon Miniatures is now accepting pre-orders for the UuchuuKat Weapons Officer figure from their Sapphire Wars sci-fi range. UuchuuKat Weapons Officer From their announcement:
Next miniature for Sapphire Wars game is already in advance order. Price is 11euro + shipping cost (2.5euro in European Union and 3.5euro outside European Union). Release date 22/APR/2011. To first 150 minis I will also add promo art each with signature and number (size 12cm x 16cm). Contact email:

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