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SeaDragon Miniatures

SeaDragon Miniatures previews the first of their miniature line for their game, Norsgard:From their post:The middle of winter is the perfect time to recount Norse sagas. It is also the perfect time fo
SeaDragon Miniatures has posted information on their FB page for Playtesting their new game Norsgard:From their Facebook page:Norsgard is a fantasy skirmish set in a legendary world of Isbran. An ever
SeaDragon Miniatures have released the Sapphire Wars Psilencer miniature for the Alpha Arms Corp faction.
SeaDragon Miniatures have added several new photos of a UuchuuKat Corporation Samurai Rabbit character for their Sapphire Wars range.
SeaDragon Miniatures have posted details of their release schedule as well as a preview of a painted Sapphire Wars Weapons Officer figure. From their announcement: Finally painted version of Uuchuu
SeaDragon Miniatures have posted a photo of a work-in-progress version of the first figure for their Sapphire Wars Rabanese Platoon.
SeaDragon Miniatures have posted an update on the status of their Sapphire Wars range of 28mm sci-fi miniatures. From their announcement: Production process is going quite swift now. Thanks to this
SeaDragon Miniatures is now accepting pre-orders for the UuchuuKat Weapons Officer figure from their Sapphire Wars sci-fi range. From their announcement: Next miniature for Sapphire Wars game is al
SeaDragon Miniatures have posted a preview of a work-in-progress version of the Sapphire Wars UuchuuKat Leader miniature. This figure will be available in April.