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Thursday Terrain Corner

It's Thursday and I'm at home. The Office Move continues, with much of the furniture making its way to the new building. But since the new place isn't quite ready yet, many of us are working from home. Besides, trying to write while movers are going up and down the halls with stuff is a bit distracting.

Speaking of buildings, we've got a bunch of terrain stories for you today. One of the biggest Terrain Corners I can remember. So let's get to it.

Today we have: New Webshop Open For Last Sword Miniatures, Battlefield in a Box: Medium Desert House Available From Battlefront, Mage Company Features 12 Realms: Dungeonland Scenery Packs, Classic Columns Now Available From Tabletop-Art, Champion's Bowl Game Mat Available From Warzone Studio, New Gaming Mats Available From Frontline Gaming, Sailpower multi-scale Ships Up On Kickstarter, New Normandy Terrain From Najewitz Modellbau, Battlefield in a Box: Desert Escarpments Available From Battlefront, Manorhouse Workshop & RGFX collaboration: The Dark Crypt (Fog Tower), Valdisfjell The West Door Map Available From Heroic Maps, Warland Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame, Battlefield in a Box: Desert Palms Available From Battlefront, and New Orc Barrels Available From Kromlech.

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Monday Terrain Corner

I had myself a pretty good weekend. Got some Guild Ball in both Friday and Saturday. Made some Italian Beef and chocolate chip cookies. I played some Usual Suspects. It was a good time. Though I need to get my group to start using terrain on our Guild Ball pitches. What sort of terrain? Well, we could use some of the stuff below.

In today's Terrain Corner we have: Mega Metropolis Scenery now available from Fantasy Arc, Sea Dog Game Studios releases 15mm shipwrecks, Heroic Maps release: The Temple of Ivy, and Operation Alpha: Pwork Wargames Sci-Fi Gaming Mat Now Available.

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Thursday Terrain Corner

Steady-on, folks. The weekend is getting ever-closer. I'm still working on recovering from the plague that I apparently caught last weekend. Here's to hoping that it clears up more by the time this weekend shows up. In the meantime, we've gotta talk about making your gaming tables look as good as possible.

In our Terrain Corner today we have: Manorhouse Workshop Update #29 – 3 Bases that complete the 3D Bases project, Manorhouse Workshop Update #30 – Test for the new Add-ons Packs for the 3D Bases, The Deadland: Pwork Wargames fantasy gaming mat now available, Sea Dog Game Studios releases 2 New Ship Kits, Novus Design New Finished Fountains 15mm & 28mm, Operation Alpha: Pwork Wargames science fiction gaming mat now available, and New Rune Stone Sets Available From Tabletop-Art.

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Sea Dog Game Studios adds 10 Gun Brigantine and 12 Gun Brig kits to online store

Sea Dog Game Studios has a pair of new ships available over in their webshop for your maritime gamers.


From the release:

We’ve just added a 10 Gun Brigantine and a 12 Gun Brig kits to our online store!

10 Gun Brigantine kit
This is a 10-gun brigantine typical of those favored by pirates of Nassau. This ship likely started life as a merchant, and also can be upgraded to add swivel guns, including 2 on either side of the ship’s wheel, which would be used to guard the Captain from threats on the main deck.

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Sailpower 2.0 Hits 150% Funding on KickStarter

Sailpower v2.0 from Sea Dog Game Studios has made over 150% of their funding goal over on Kickstarter. There's still a little over a week to go, so let's see how many stretch goals they can break through.

From the update:

Sailpower 2.0, the Fun Scale Combat in the Age of Sail game, has hit 150% funding, with just over 1 week left in the campaign.
The project has hit several stretch goals, including unlocking an Armed Merchant Sloop add-on. The next stretch goal to unlock is opening up 15 more highly-desirable Admiral-level backer slots.
There is still time left to get in on this project. The campaign ends on May 4th at 9:30pm EST.

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Sailpower 2.0 from Sea Dog Game Studio up on Kickstarter

Sea Dog Game Studio launched their Kickstarter campaign in order to fund Sailpower version 2.0.
Yarr, matey!

From the campaign:

Sea Dog Game Studios has launched a KickStarter funding campaign for Sailpower 2.0 - Fun Scale Combat in the Age of Sail.

Sailpower is a large scale miniatures game that allows players to take the role of a captain in the Age of Sail. The game is played with large, 15mm ships.

The new rule book will contain:
- over 150 new template ships, including many historical ships from the Napoleonic Era, Revolutionary War era, Golden Age of Pirates, War of 1812 and Battle of Lake Erie. In many cases, you can play ships from different points in their lifespan: when they first launched, when they were refitted, when they were captured, when they were up-gunned for war, etc.
- A fully fleshed-out port and tavern rule system. Want to buy and sell cargo? Now you can. Need to sneak into an enemy port to sell an illegal cargo? Now you can.
- A full treasure system that allows players to treasure hunt islands for all sorts of buried goodies: improved weapons, exotic cargoes, repair materials, stranded travelers, and hidden treasures.
- Previous versions of the Sailpower rulebook have only been available in black&white, but backers will have the option of purchasing the new Sailpower 2.0 book in full, glorious color.

If you are a fan of miniature wargames, the age of sail, or just want to be a pirate, please check out the project page and back our project. Thanks!

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Sea Dog Game Studios Releases Details about the 2012 Origins Invitational Events

Sea Dog Game Studios is headed to Origins. Are you? Well, if you are, here's a list of what they're going to be doing while there. It's pretty extensive.

Sea Dog Game Studios has released details about their very special Invitational Events at Origins 2012. These very special games are only open to players who have attended any previous Invitational events, have received an invite during the 2011-2012 convention season, or have won a qualifying event at Origins 2012. Come play with the best of the best! Prizes will be awarded at both Invitational events.
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Sea Dog Game Studios Gencon 2011 releases

Sea Dog Game Studios have posted details of their releases for GenCon 2011. 8 New Ray-class Tanks for TechCommander From their announcement:
Sea Dog Game Studios will be at Gencon this year. We are running games Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with morning and evening Sailpower and mid-day TechCommander deathmatch games. We will have a booth in the dealer hall (Booth #1843) for your shopping pleasure. We are trying to have folks there to run short games on our demo table. We also will be releasing: TechCommander 8 new AC2 Ray-class tanks designs, all based off the original STINGRAY chassis. These will be available, first come-first serve, in limited numbers. They retail for $25 each, but will be available at special pricing of $20 each if you buy at least 3, buy a starter, buy a core rulebook, or spend at least $100 on Sea Dog Game Studios product. These tanks are very cool, and were designed to add some cost effective entries for building a Techcommander playbox.

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TechCommander Locked and Reloaded Edition rulebook preview

TechCommander Locked and Reloaded EditionSea Dog Game Studios have posted a preview of the updated TechCommander Locked and Reloaded edition rulebook. From their announcement:
Sea Dog Game Studios has released a sneak peak of the TechCommander, Locked and Reloaded Edition rulebook. The book will be released in just a few short weeks. This edition includes:
  • New MSVs
  • New Vehicles
  • New Weapons
  • and New Infantry Equipment
Look for it at Origins Game Fair 2011.

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