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Screaming Heretic

Screaming Heretic has posted episode 47 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.

In this episode:

In this episode Joe will give a fair and unbiased review of how the Apocalypse 2.0 rules affect the Orks,
we have a new segment called “Ask Screaming Heretic” , News, Hobby tips, Hobby Updates, Convention Info, The Girls of Gaming, and an interview with Geek Nation Tours’ founder and loud gamer T shirt aficionado Teras Cassidy all in this episode of The Screaming Heretic.

Segment 1
Introductions and Hobby Updates
Apocalypse 2.0

Segment 2
Ask Screaming Heretic - Where you ”the fans” go to our Facebook page and ask us… whatever…
Girls of Gaming Con Coverage, Terry’s Blog campaign, and Cos play warnings
Interview with Geek Nation Tours’ founder Teras Cassidy.

Screaming Heretic and Secret Weapon Miniatures is holding a list-building contest. The rules are pretty simple, build a 40k list that they like. Simple, see?

We’ve recently launched a contest with the help of our friends Mathieu Fontaine and Justin from Secret Weapon Miniatures. Basically, what They are asking from you, is to send us army lists. From these, both Justin and Mathieu will chose one which They will later build. They’re looking for two lists, one 1750 points and another 2000 points. Note that these two lists need to be similar in essence. They are not looking to build and paint 3750 points. Therefore, the cost difference should be a simple addition/replacement.

The Screaming Heretic is having a contest to send someone to GenCon Indy.

From the announcement:

We will give out one (1) complimentary pass to Gen Con 2012 via a random drawing from the people that have done the following:

1) Liked this post on the girls of gaming Facebook page (
2) Liked (or previously liked) the Gen Con Indy facebook page.
3) Shared this post on their wall.

That’s it. Next Monday, April 16, we will randomly select a winner that meets all three criteria, and announce the winner on this page.

Already have a pass for Gen Con? Well, we think that’s great, too, and if you are selected, we will give you a FREE 2013 pass instead. Sound good?

The Screaming Heretic is there for you if you're a new painter. In the article, they give you some good general tips for those starting out with their painting careers.
Sling your colored goop like a pro!

From the article:

If anyone has listened to Episode 6 of The Screaming Heretic then you would have heard the Guys of Gaming (sorry theJen and SheSwizzy) talk about the hobby basics. And while they gave out some fantastic information I wanted to take the time to show talk a little more about this, and show some different sides of the painting world.

The Screaming Heretic tells us about an upcoming event involving master painter Mathieu Fontaine.

From the announcement:

Big News! World Class award winning painter Mathieu Fontaine is going to be holding master classes again in the Chicagoland area!!!! I went to the Master Class One (MC I) last year and it changed the way I look at painting. This year he’s doing MC I and the follow up Master Class Two (MC II) the following weekend. WOW!!! Masterclass I will be held on April 28-29 and Masterclass II on May 5-6. Both events will take place at Games Plus in Mount Prospect. For more information contact Randall Smith at blakbuzzrd gmail com. The location is at 101 West Prospect Avenue Mount Prospect, IL 60056 (847) 577-9656. Please contact Randall for local hotel information. These fill up fast, so don’t wait!

Screaming Heretic posts episode #20, Apocalypse Fun, Airbrushing, and Bloody Doll Parts:


From their post:

Battle Report Screaming Heretics Team Game
Apocalypse Building Part Two
Hobby Mastery - Airbrushing Questions
Girls on Gaming V day for the geek girl
Geek Nation Tours Interview Part Two
Screaming Heretic posts an episode focusing on building terrain for Apocalyptic themed games:

From their post:

In this episode we cover:
Kiss My List
Apocalypse Building – Construction tips and advice
Hobby Mastery (Brought to you by Grex Airbrush)- What to Consider when selecting and Airbrush
Girls on Gaming – The Girls talk convention planning for 2012
Geek Nation Tours Interview – Part one
Screaming Heretic releases a new episode of their podcast:

From their post:

Ep 18 –
6th Ed 40k what would we change?
Hobby tips - Masking your models
Product Review - Forge World Land Raider Proteus
Contest updates & Convention planning
Screaming Heretic posts a new episode:

From their posts:

Welcome to the final installment of Screaming Heretic for 2012. Its been a great year for us and we’re very grateful for all of the support from the cumminity and our fans! We’re looking forward to 2012 and the great things it’ll bring. Have a great new year!
Screaming Heretic Releases Ep 14:

From their announcement:

Recorded on 11-11-11. We’re working on a refer a friend contest and want to put a bunch of prizes in it. We’ve posted some ideas up on the forums, but need your help to flesh it out. Also please remember to donate to the James Ayles memorial fund @
Screaming Heretic announce a new episode:

From their announcement:

Screaming Heretic Ep 13 is released!