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Screaming Heretic

Screaming Heretic has posted episode 47 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.In this episode:In this episode Joe will give a fair and unbiased review of how the Apocalypse 2.0 rules
Screaming Heretic and Secret Weapon Miniatures is holding a list-building contest. The rules are pretty simple, build a 40k list that they like. Simple, see?We’ve recently launched a contest with the
The Screaming Heretic is having a contest to send someone to GenCon Indy.From the announcement:We will give out one (1) complimentary pass to Gen Con 2012 via a random drawing from the people that hav
The Screaming Heretic is there for you if you're a new painter. In the article, they give you some good general tips for those starting out with their painting careers.Sling your colored goop like a p
The Screaming Heretic tells us about an upcoming event involving master painter Mathieu Fontaine.From the announcement:Big News! World Class award winning painter Mathieu Fontaine is going to be hold
Screaming Heretic posts episode #20, Apocalypse Fun, Airbrushing, and Bloody Doll Parts:From their post:Highlights:Battle Report Screaming Heretics Team GameApocalypse Building Part TwoHobby Mastery -
Screaming Heretic posts an episode focusing on building terrain for Apocalyptic themed games:From their post:In this episode we cover:Kiss My ListApocalypse Building – Construction tips and adviceHobb
Screaming Heretic releases a new episode of their podcast:From their post:Ep 18 – 6th Ed 40k what would we change?Hobby tips - Masking your modelsProduct Review - Forge World Land Raider ProteusContes
Screaming Heretic posts a new episode:From their posts:Welcome to the final installment of Screaming Heretic for 2012. Its been a great year for us and we’re very grateful for all of the support from

Tokyo Jutaku: Architecture Game
Screaming Heretic Releases Ep 14:From their announcement:Recorded on 11-11-11. We’re working on a refer a friend contest and want to put a bunch of prizes in it. We’ve posted some ideas up on the foru
Screaming Heretic announce a new episode:From their announcement:Screaming Heretic Ep 13 is released!