Scoundrel Society

What’s Yours is Mine and What’s Mine is Mine: A preview of Scoundrel Society from Action Phase Games

Today we’re taking a look at Scoundrel Society, a new card game by Action Phase Games (they’re the guys behind Heroes Wanted). In the game, you play as a guild of professional conmen (and conwomen) who have gathered together for their yearly “game.” What’s the game? Well, to pick some rich sucker with more dollars than sense and then proceed to rob them of anything that’s not nailed down. However, it’s not just a smash and grab operation. You have to be careful about what you take because someone has to lose the game, and that person’s going to have a lot of time to think about what they’ve done while sitting in prison.

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Midweek Snippets

We're halfway there, ladies and gentlemen. Halfway to the weekend. If you haven't started making plans, now would be a good time. For those of you in the US, the 4th of July is Saturday. I'm sure cookouts will abound. And if you're at one, why not bring along a game or two to play? There's plenty of party games that would be most welcome at just about any gathering.
For me? I'm going to keep things low-key this weekend. I had two rather busy weekends in a row. So this weekend I'm going to stay at home and cook. What am I going to cook? ... I've not figured that out yet. Suggestions would be welcome (and any accompanying recipes also welcome).

But as for right now, it's time for some bite-sized stories.

This batch includes: Fury is funded with 24 day left, Some More Installments of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, New 32mm Resin bases (Tomb, Urban & Sci-fi Deck) from Dark Art Miniatures, Armorcast's 4th Annual Cinematic Effects Contest is Here, Apex TDBG Expansion Kickstarter is now EU Friendly, Club Fantasci Editorial: Kickstarter Press Releases and Free Promotion, Old Dominion Gameworks posts Post Captain Bonus Ship files, Vending Bot free for July at The Ion Age, and Bullets & Brains Tokens Now Available from Sally 4th.

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