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Scotia Grendel

I just realized this morning that this upcoming weekend is the last one before Christmas.
Ok, so, technically Christmas has one more weekend before it, but since it falls on a Monday, it means this upcoming week is the last one before the holiday. As such, I've just now realized how much baking I need to do (since that's what I give as presents to friends). Looks like this Saturday's shopping list is going to include a lot of unsalted butter, flour, and chocolate chips, plus whatever else I feel like throwing in. But before I get to those tasty treats, let's get to today's tasty treats in terms of bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: December Releases Available From Scotia Grendel, War in Christmas Village Sequel Up On Kickstarter, and HeresyLab Working on a New Line of Miniatures.

By this time next week, multitudes of gamers will be converging on Indianapolis, ready for the start of Gen Con the next day. Yeah, we're a week and a day away from the start of the show. Though, many people know that basically the whole week is Gen Con, these days. So we should probably stock up on some bite-sized gaming stories to see us through.

Today we have: Riot Dice Up On Kickstarter, Warbands of the Cold North Dwarves Up On Kickstarter, New Releases Available From Dark Sword Miniatures, Lead Adventure Miniatures Running Bruegelburg – A Day at the Fair Kickstarter, New Glyphs Available From Kromlech, Metallic Legends: Collectible Fantasy Coins Up On Kickstarter, Super Chibi Round 3 Up On Kickstarter, New Basing Dials From Pyrkol, Brigade Models Releases New 15mm SF Vehicles, and Scotia Grendel Doing UK/European Production for Delvers Lost in the Dungeons of Doom III.

We're getting closer to that weekend. Just another day and a half and we'll be there. Hopefully, you've got some gaming plans lined up. I've got some partial ones, myself. We'll see how it goes. But if you are going to be gaming, you should have a good-looking gaming table. So let's help out with that here.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: June Releases Available From Scotia Grendel, Dwarven Forge Running Dungeon of Doom Kickstarter, Final Days for BattleMats RPG Encounter Kickstarter, Lifeless Land Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame, and District 5 Warehouse Available From Micro Art Studios.

Well, we're halfway there, everyone. Next weekend is as far ahead of us as the previous one is behind us. Just gotta power through another 2.5 days and we'll be back at Saturday. Ah, glorious Saturday. But if we're going to get there, we should recharge ourselves with some bite-sized gaming stories.

On the platter today we have: Scotia Grendel Posts New Releases, Now available: More round and oval Stonefloor Bases and Deals From Tabletop-Art, Tattoo Ink Card Deck Up On Indiegogo, Tiny Tin Troops Wargame Supplies & Services Launches New Website, XCase Clear Modular Miniatures Display and Transport On Kickstarter, RN Estudio Launches Mythexplorers Kickstarter, Native Renegades from Blind Beggar Miniatures now on Kickstarter, and Brigade Models Releases New 6mm and 15mm Yenpalo Aliens.

Void has gotten some new releases from Scotia Grendel. They also have a new Nexus group over on Facebook that they're recruiting to. Want to get a special coupon for 10% off your Void order? Just join the group. They're also having special give-aways happening over there. You'll probably want to check it out.
Today's a day to celebrate. Why? It's my 5th anniversary with TGN. Yes, on this day, 5 years ago, I made my first post on the site. It was the new plastic Warp Wolf kit that Privateer Press was coming out with. Oh how gaming has changed since then. I remember having a conversation, a couple months into my tenure, with Ross "The Legend" Thompson (my boss at the time) about, "These Kickstarter-things."
So, to celebrate, let's have a bunch of bite-sized gaming stories.
What? We do that every Wednesday? Well, fine, be that way.

Today we have: Dice Coins 2 Up On Kickstarter, I Will Never Grow Up becomes exclusive distributor of Field Marshal Games products, Ramshackle Games Posts Stretch Goal Goblin For Jet Bike Kickstarter, New Discworld Death Bust -15% discount, Factions Fantasy Playing Cards Coming To Kickstarter in January, New Releases Available From Scotia Grendel, Casual Game Revolution Posts 2017 Tabletop Gaming Conventions Map, Mage Company To Launch Sleeves and Gaming Accessories Kickstarter, Kill the Unicorns Coming to Kickstarter in June, New Morbid Legionary Torsos From Kromlech, Temple of Isis Round Lip Bases Now Available From Tabletop-Art, New Releases And Final Christmas Sale From Advanced Deployment, Flatminis 2D preprinted miniatures are now available as PDF download, Two new Characters bring gold to Talisman: Digital Edition, and Khurasan releases 15mm Hezbollah and Syrian Government Forces.

At once, it feels both like, "wow. Already Wednesday?" and "wow. How is it only Wednesday?"
Is it that way for anyone else or just me?
I feel like I've gotten a lot done, but have a lot more waiting ahead of me.
Ah well. We'll make it. Break on through to the other side. To help with that, here's a bunch of bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Scotia Grendel New Releases - October 2016, Rebel Minis Launches Rise of the Animechs Kickstarter, Shatterlands Kickstarter Reaches Funding Goal, Xtraidos Skirmish Game Relaunching Soon On Indiegogo, Ether Wars Kickstarter Relaunch November 22nd + Giveaway starting this Tuesday, New Releases Available From Victoria Miniatures, Idea Jab Card Game Coming To Kickstarter "Pretty Soonish", Khurasan releases 15mm Seydlitz Tank, Geek Chic Releases The Vanguard Table, Chronicles Miniatures Game Looking For Beta Testers, Brother Vinni Releases Tricycle Robot, Final Hours For Shadows of Esteren On Kickstarter, Final Days for Ninja Arena On Kickstarter, Table Air Combat: U-2 Kukuruznik Now Available, Castles & Crusades latest Kickstarter in its final week, Twisted Brothers Studio join MAGE Company, and New Breacher Bikes Available From Kromlech.

I don't know about you, but my week has been busy. Lots of news. Lots of proofing projects. Lots of e-mails to reply to about a myriad of things. And tonight's going to be busy, too. Friend's birthday party tomorrow, so I'll be doing some baking to take to the party. Pumpkin snickerdoodles, to be specific. I'm going to make them a lot smaller than my usual cookies I make, then make a cream cheese filling and basically make them Oreos with it. It's the first pumpkin-flavored thing I'm making this year.
Speaking of bite-size morsels of joy, we've got our regular assortment of stories for you.

On the platter today we have: Kromlech New Release: Legionary Heavy Thunder Gun, Trapdoor Bringing Playbook Digital RPG Companion to Android, Mage Company launches new website for Dungeonland, Smart Device App Dized Being Soft-Launched October 2016, The Board Game Show Interviews The Donner Party Game Designer Greg Porter, New Lamia Available From Brother Vinni, Super Chibi Round 2 - Reboot Funded, Three New Mechs Available From Raging Heroes, Kromlech Weekend Promo: Orc Mech-Boss, and New Releases Available From Scotia Grendel.

Well, it's been a bit of a short week here in the office, having only come in Wed-Fri. Though, with having just a little time off from Gen Con, it felt much longer. I'm looking forward to a weekend of doing probably not all that much at all. Just some time to decompress a bit. Should be nice. Lets me put together some of the figures I got at the show. To do that, I'll need energy. Energy in the form of bite-sized gaming stories.

On today's platter we have: Forest Goblins multi-part plastics is Shieldwolf Miniatures Coming To Kickstarter, Xtraidos Crowdfunding Campaign Launched, TinMan's 35% Off Back In Business Sale Ends Soon, Oddzial Osmy’s 3mm August Releases Arrive at PicoArmor, Victoria Miniatures Female Greatcoat Legs and BFG Ammo Crates Now Available, and New Undead Orcs From Scotia Grendel.

We're making our way through the week here at a steady pace. It's already Wednesday. I hope it's going smoothly for you. It's been naturally busy the first couple days after the Expo. I'm mostly caught up. Just a couple things left.

But at the exact moment, it's bringing you some bite-sized gaming stories to chew on.

Today we have: Siren Miniatures Posts New 3D Render, Gamer Badges Up On Kickstarter, Battle Valor Games 15mm Fantasy New Releases, 28mm Northern Raiders On Kickstarter, Symbaroum on Kickstarter June 2016, New Legionary Vibro Scythes From Kromlech, Warhammer 40k Tactical Objectives App 2.0 Update, Khurasan releases 15mm E-25 Jagdpanzer, Raging Heroes new TGG model available: Nertha, Dragon Head Coin Series Is Back on Kickstarter, Scotia New Releases - May 2016, and Kickstarter Video Posted for Hope board game.

Well, as Lynyrd Skynyrd said, Tuesday's gone. That, of course, means we've moved on to Wednesday. Woo! We're halfway through the week! Always a good feeling that. The weekend is getting closer every minute. Before we get there, though, we need to serve up some bite-sized stories we've come across in the past couple days.

This time around we have: New releases from Scotia Grendel, New Targeting System From Puppets War, AntiMatter Games Previews The Beast of Blood Reef, Polyversal After Action Report from Williamsburg Muster, Guadalcanal Battle Set Released by Topside Minis, New Sturmgewehr soldiers from Iron Cross Miniatures, New Trays and Bags Available From Battle Foam, and New Tanks and Turrets From LaserCutCard.

Well, we're making our way through the week. My week has been...
So yeah, we're making our way through the week. Let's get you some bite-sized stories that we've come across recently.

In today's batch we have: Warbears and Stagriders Kickstarter Announced, New 20mm Car Conversion Set From Ramshackle Games, Good: The Battle Halloween Special Rules Available Now, Geek Fever Games and Firepeng Games Join Forces, Cul-De-Sac Conquest Heading Through Stretch Goals, Ratgard: Badger Multiple Launch Rocket System Now Available, New Infinity Status Discs from Warsenal, Scotia Grendel New releases, Happy Seppuku Passes Kickstarter Goal, Mr. Maksimov's Manor coming to Kickstarter in January 2016, and Aquelarre Dark & Mature Medieval RPG On Kickstarter.

Well, we're mostly caught-up here after the Expo last weekend. Still a few things to deal with, but my inbox was actually down to a manageable level after going through it yesterday. Of course, it's now filled back up again, but waddyagonnado?

Another thing that's full is the box with the bite-sized stories we've collected over the past couple days.
Good thing it's time for our regular Snippets post.

In this batch we have: New Releases from Scotia Grendel, Mounted Heroes 3D Store Opening This Fall, Some More Installments of "The Fiver" with The Meeple Mechanic, Spirit of Slaughterloo scenario for Flintloque, Manorhouse Workshop Update #38 – Modular Underground Project – New Pledge and new Early Bird, Iron Battlefield: corridors, buildings and catwalks for Space Hulk & Infinity on Indiegogo, Siren Miniatures posts Concept art for incoming July releases, Japanese-themed Robin Hood figures on Indiegogo, New Colossal Zeppelin from Titan-Forge, New Dungeon Saga Tiles Previews, New Dungeon Saga Tiles Previews, Heroic Maps - Outstation H9-7M, Infinity Plus One Master of Coin Kickstarter Happening Now, Soda Pop Miniatures Previews Beach Party Marie-Claude, Tabletop-Art Previews new Terrain, Historical, Fantasy and Sci-fi Offers at, New Pulp Alley figures by Statuesque, and Demigods Evolution unlocks Angel of Death.

We're halfway through May. That's a pretty good time to post up one's May releases, and Scotia Grendel has done just that. They've got two characters and two units now available, plus a new bridge terrain piece, because nobody really wants to have to wade across an icy river if they don't have to. Ok, maybe I know some people that would, but I know some really strange people.
It's another Sunday. Time for some more of the shorter, bite-sized stories that we've come across in the past couple days.

Also, yesterday during D&D, our party almost blew up the world (or at least an entire tropical island). Good times.

Anyway, for today we have: New Bad Lands Hero Previews and now EU Friendly shipping, DungeoNext terrain preview, new Fantasy releases from Scotia Grendel, Dark Sword Miniatures' Stephanie Law Masterworks Miniature range now available, Trolka in resin releasing this month for Flintloque, New Sherman Tank Accessories from Warchimera, Lead Adventure Miniatures releases Steam-Punk Ladies and Robots, Planetary Militia preview at The Ion Age, new Leather Pouch added to Alternative Civil War Kickstarter, Brigade Models Release 2mm ACW Forts, and Capitan Miniatures re-launching the former Warmodelling Catalog.

Scotia Grendel has some new fantasy Ranger minis (Go! Go, Fantasy Rangers!) available over in their webshop. The figures are pretty good for a variety of applications, from used as a character for your RPG, for the DM as a pack of bandits to face off against your characters, or as a replacement for certain units in various fantasy miniatures skirmish games. They've got a couple different packs you can buy them in, to suit just whatever application you want them for.


From the release:
Scotia Grendel posted up their November releases up on their website. You've got some horsemen, some swordsmen, and a stealth bomber.
No, that's not a typo.


From the release:

New 1/300 scale models
This month we present you another two new packs from our Scotia Micro Model range. First one is CAGS56 - Horton X a prototype of German flying wing fighter, next one in line is MM0012 - M113 AIFV.

Generic Fantasy Range
In this month we have a four packs of cavalry for Northmen: GFR0046 - Northmen Cavalry with Spear I, GFR0047 - Northmen Cavalry with Sword I, GFR0062 - Northmen Cavalry with Sword II and GFR0048 - Cavlary Command, you can buy them also in our regimental pack. The last one pack is GFR0060 - Western Swordmen Command, pack include Leader, Standard Bearer and Musician.

Scotia Grendel has a bit of a mixed bag with these new releases. They've got some new fighter aircraft as well as some new releases for their "generic fantasy" range.


From the release:

This month we present five packs from our Generic Fantasy range and two packs from our 1/300 scale micro models range. So let's get started!

New 1/300 scale models
After little delay we now present to you two new models. First up is CAGS53 - Me 329, a prototype heavy fighter aircraft, first in our up-coming Wunderwaffe range. Second is CAUM17 - F-15 Eagle, American all-weather tactical fighter.
Scotia Grendel adds to their fantasy line with new Half-Orc units over in their webshop.


From the release:

Now, lets take a look at five new packs from our Generic Fantasy range. Half-Orcs are the main topic of these releases. GFR0057 Half-Orc Command includes: champion, musician and standard bearer, another two packs are Half-Orc with Axe (GFR0058 and GFR0059). All Half-Orcs are available in Regiment Pack. The last two packs are: GFR0024 - Barbarian Spearmen Command and GFR0023 - Barbarian Spearmen II. Like the Half-Orcs, they are available in a Regiment Pack.

Xyston lottery!
Remember about our Xyston lottery! On 30th September we will draw one of our Xyston newsletter subscribers who will win a FREE King Porus on elephant, painted by Jon Shields. Please share this information with your friends so they can also take part. Read more information about our lottery on forum or blog.

Scotia Grendel has their new Stygian Orc minis available over in their webshop.


From the release:

As I promised, this month we take a look at Orcs. Five packs of Greenskins are on offer, first pack GFR0005 - Greater Orcs with Hand Weapons II, now available also in a Regiment pack which includes 15 miniatures with command. Another three packs are Stygian Orcs with Hand Weapons (GFR0036, GFR0037, GFR0038), the last one is Stygian Orc Command (GFR0039), and like previous packs they are also available in a Regiment Pack (15 miniatures including command).

What's next? Of course another five packs from our GFR Range, we will stay with the Orc theme. There will be also new releases for our 1/300 scale models..... so stay tuned.

Scotia Grendel heads north with their latest releases over in their webshop.


From the release:

Five new packs of miniatures. Not three, not four, but five! Fifteen beautiful miniatures in this month, two packs of Northmen Archers (GFR0049 and GFR0050) one pack of Northmen Spearmen II (GFR0043), the last two packs are Northmen Swordsmen (GFR0040 and GFR0045).

Dawn of the Lead posted up an article reviewing the A.T.A.C. APC from Scotia Grendel.

From the article:

Overall verdict: Apart from some casting and size issues, the A.T.A.C. APC is a very nice find for its price. It’s not perfect as a model or as an Aliens APC proxy, but if you want a little armoured power for your troopers, you could do far worse – especially if your minis collection is more 28mm than 30mm.

Graven Games gives us another of their reviews with a look at some terrain from Scotia Grendel.

From the review:

Welcome to today’s review in which we are checking out 2 sets of 28mm sci-fi scenics available from Scotia Grendel. We’ve previously had fun with some of Scotia Grendel’s vehicle kits, so we’re looking forward to seeing what their terrain has to offer. As we’ve mentioned before Scotia Grendel’s website is a treasure-trove of interesting models, some of which are from ranges that you might have thought were no longer available, so is well worth a look.

Graven Games has a review up of the Sci-Fi APC by Scotia Grendel.

From the review:

Welcome to today’s review in which we’re taking a look at a 25-28mm Sci-fi APC from Scotia Grendel, who describe this kit as a “small tracked vehicle with a turret-mounted weapon, for suppressing unrest with extreme prejudice.” …that sounds good to us! As we’ve mentioned before Scotia Grendel’s website is a treasure-trove of interesting models, some of which are from ranges that you might have thought were no longer available, so is well worth a look.

Scotia Grendel posted up a photo of the new half trolls they've been working on.

From the update:

For those you you who have been waiting for the rerelease of the old black tree figures, this week i`ve managed to fill the stock bins with the half trolls, next week who knows - but I`ll be trying to get something done for then, meanwhile a pikkie of the half trolls. There are 4 packs coded GFR0031-GFR0034