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Before they became quite so virulent and corpulent, the Death Guard were still a bit different as an Adeptus Astartes chapter. They're getting a pair of new Praetors for The Horus Heresy that you can
The folks over at Seb Games have been working on a lot and they've got an update packed with tons of new stuff. They've got free downloads of rules, some previews of some new minis, and further info a
Haxtec Dragon Dice Tray
As the name suggests, there's more than one League in the Leagues of Votann. They're much like the different chapters of the Adeptus Astartes. More similar than different, but still with unique rules
This is... surprising a small release month for Paizo. They've sometimes had more than a dozen things. This time, they've only got 5. But still, it's a bit for everyone. Pathfinder, Starfinder, maps,
Though you can go and order a copy of the Omnissiah Army book for The Horus Heresy, and it's quite a big book, not everything could fit in there, apparently. As such, Games Workshop has posted a free
Games Workshop is looking to bring you more free content for Necromunda in their Apocrypha Necromunda series. This time around, there some new rules as well as a new scenario that you can head over an
Modiphius has announced that they will be releasing Ironsworn: Starforged. Originally only available to Kickstarter backers from creator Shawn Tomkin, Modiphius will be making a generalized release in
<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Yeah, some of you are like, "they're mech suits, not robots" but the Giant Robot Alert doesn't discriminate. And it's going off today because Catalyst Game Labs has a new
Two big sci-fi releases for you this weekend from Games Workshop. The new box sets for The Leagues of Votann is in the shop, as well as the new Necromunda book and bike kits. Plus, tons of dice, becau
The Leagues of Votann are nearly back upon us, but there's still some more to check out, including their Crusade rules. The Leagues are known for their resource acquisition, and it's balancing these r
<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Giant Robot Alert this time is being set off by the new releases coming for Infinity this October from Corvus Belli. I think it's pretty obvious which of the figures I'm m
The various soldiers of the Imperium might seem like well-trained elites, but the Assassins are a step above. And a new one will soon be hitting tabletops in The Horus Heresy. Check out the Clade Vene
Normally, we don't do much with battle reports here. But, when the report has a whole ton of previews for a new faction for a game, that's a bit different. In this 40k battle report, we get a bunch of
The vaults are opening and people are heading back out into the lands blasted by nuclear fallout. The creatures that were left outside certainly are the same as when humans went underground. And it's
The name of the faction is the Leagues of Votann. I.E. - there's more than just one League. We get a quick introduction to some of the bigger ones in this preview of their upcoming book for Warhammer
The Leagues of Votann (formerly known as the Squats) ready for pre-order. But if you're still wanting some more information before you pick up this venerable faction, Games Workshop has some of their
You only have to wait a short while longer for the Leagues of Votann to hit Games Workshop's webshop (see what I did there?). Next week, their new box set, codex, and other bits and bobs will be avail
Lots of stuff is now available to pre-order from Games Workshop over in their webstore. The big push is the new box set for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game, of course. But there's more for that
The various Space Marine legions were not the only forces involved in The Horus Heresy. There's others that also did a lot of the fighting and we get a look at them in the Liber Imperium. This new boo
Patchwerk Games has been working on Re:Emergence and they're ready for you to try it out. It's their new sci-fi RPG that includes real-time events so that have players looking to complete actions in a
We've seen a bunch of different minis, but what do the Leagues of Votann play like in terms of strategy on the tabletop? We get a look at exactly that in this preview, with a look at the Strategems th
In the highly-cramped corridors of a space hulk, you might wish you had some ceramite armor. But for the guardsmen, that's not available. But they do have their veteran skills that will hopefully see
Me when looking over the new release: *scroll... scroll... scrollscrollscroll... scrollscrollscrollscrollscroll* "Where does it end!?!?!" Yeah, there's a lot of stuff here. A new box set for the Middl
House Escher's Matriarch Primus, Adina, is obviously a target for all would-be assassins to try and take the house down. But to get to Adina, they must first get through the Matriarch's Blade, her bod
It was a big pre-release weekend for all things Kill Team this past weekend. Two new book. A new box set. And new bundles to get. Head on over and check it all out.