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Tabletop-Art has some new terrain sets available for Schicksalspfade (still no clue how to pronounce that. Anyone help me with that one?). They've got some rocks and some scree hex terrain pieces avai
Tabletop-art has released their new pieces for Schicksalspfade over in their webshop.... Still no clue how to say that.Gelaende-RuineGelaende-SteintreppeSpielemarker-Zustand-brennend SourceFrom the re
Tabletop-Art is showing off some new terrain pieces as well as new markers for Schicksalspfade over on their website.Schicksalspfade_Ruin1Schicksalspfade_Stairs SourceFrom the website:We are currently
Tabletop-art expands their Schicksalspfade (no, I don't know how to pronounce it, either) accessories with these latest releases.Auf-grosser-Fahrt-Bases-der-OttajaskoSpielemarker-KanaldeckelSpielemark