Save the Day

Save the Day Advanced Rulebook Now Available

Many of us wish that we were superheroes. Unfortunately, spider bites, gamma radiation, and cell mutations don't really work that way. But we can still live vicariously through our RPGs, such as Save the Day. If you've wanted a bit more nitty-gritty with your comic action, you're in luck. The new Advanced Rulebook is now available.

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Vile Villains Tag Team Release From Okumarts Games

Superheroes are kind of a big thing these days. With the rise of both Marvel and DC movie series, people are clamoring for others in bright, spandex suits like never before. Many people want to bring that excitement to their tabletop. Okumarts Games lets you do that with their Save the Day super-powered RPG. But superheroes need supervillains. And that's just what you're getting with this pair of releases.

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Free Save the Day Playtest Adventure Now Available

Okumarts Games has released their Save the Day Playtest Adventure. This pay-what-you-want adventure is designed as an introduction to their Save the Day Super Heroes RPG (that's up on Kickstarter). The adventure comes complete with pre-generated characters, as well as all the encounters laid out.

From the release:
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Okumarts Games Launches Kid-Friendly Supers RPG Kickstarter

Okumarts Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Save the Day, their new superhero RPG. The system is rather rules-light, but built to help recreate the action and excitement of comic books on the tabletop. The quick character creation guide will allow you to build any superhero you can imagine. The campaign is right on the edge of funding and still has 32 days to go on the clock.

From the campaign:
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