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Sandy Pug Games

Normally, your adventuring crew is out to go slay the vicious beasts that are rampaging across the land. However, in Monster Care Squad, you're instead out to go heal them from the poison that's infec
There's a lot of collective nostalgia in America for the 1950s. The cars. The leather jackets. The greased-back hair. Poodle skirts. Werewolves. Vampires. Americana, a new RPG from Sandy Pug Games tak
When many of us think of post-apocalyptic settings, we think of something hot, like a desert. But Ice takes things in a different direction, thermically speaking, that is. Civilization has still come
Sandy Pug Games has released the alpha versions of two new games, Desperado and ICE, over on their website for you to check out for free.SourceFrom the announcement:Sandy Pug Games is proud to announc