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The heat is on outside. There's no better time to stay inside and play some games. And if you're looking at getting something new, you might want to check out Nauvoo Games since they've got their Summ
My week is continuing to blow by. This morning, I was like, "Oh, hell, it's already Wednesday." I'm just blasting through this week, just like I did last week. Being busy certainly has helped. Oh, and
It's hot outside (here in the northern hemisphere, anyway). Best to stay inside and play some games. And if you're playing anything from Mantic and looking to expand your collection, now's the time to
It's crazy-hot outside. I'd stay in if I were you. And you know what's a good thing to do when inside? Play some RPGs. If you're looking to get some from Free League Publishing, you're in luck, as the
The folks over at Avatars of War have been busy. How busy? Busy enough that they've got not just one or two, but four new Demon miniatures available in their webshop, including the massive Demon Princ
Summer's almost here in the northern hemisphere. High temperatures. Blazing sun. Bugs. ... ... Sounds like a perfect time to stay inside where it's cool and play some board games. And that's just what
The Queen of England has ruled for 70 years. That makes it her Platinum Jubilee and Warlord Games is celebrating by giving us all 15% off in their webshop. Head over and check out these deals now.
Gaming is good. Giving to charity is good. Saving money is good. Add them all together and you get something super-amazing. Paizo is teaming up with Humble Bundle to bring you the Starfinder Bug-Buste
Moving is never all that fun. You never realize how much stuff you have until you have to physically pick it up and move it from one place to another. A lot of people have moving sales in order to les
Fridaaaaaaaaay! Woo! Man, I had a busy as hell week. Tons of stuff to do each day. And while it was very tiring, it did make the week just tick on by fast. So now, we're on the precipice of the weeken
Sure. Wednesday. It can be Wednesday. Being out on Monday and basically clocking out and sleeping all of yesterday afternoon, my whole week feels screwed up. But since it's Wednesday, we should stick
Moving. It's a very annoying process. You gotta pack up all your stuff in boxes, rent a truck, and move it to the new location, only to have to unpack everything. Skirmisher Publishing is moving and i
Is it Wednesday? I think it's Wednesday. But... I'll be honest, I'm not entirely sure, even though I'm looking at the calendar and it's like, "Yeah, it's Wednesday." I just don't know if I trust it...
Wanna get extra free stuff? Sure you do. We all do. And if you head over to the WizKids shop from now until May 6th, you can get extra free stuff. Specifically, a Rocket Raccoon & Groot HeroClix f
Wyrd's Easter Sale is happening now. Head over and get some good deals on figures as well as some alternate-sculpts that you might not be able to grab elsewhere.
For a limited time, Goblin King Games has an alternate sculpt Angry Jackalope miniature fro Moonstone available in their webshop. I'm a sucker for alt-sculpt minis. I suggest you hurry and get yours b
Easter is just around the corner and, as is their tradition, Wyrd is having themselves a sale, including new and rarely-available Alternate models of some of your favorite characters. I'm a sucker for
Honestly? It still feels like a Thursday. Don't know why, but all day, I've been, "Well, it's Thursday. Tomorrow will be Friday and then it's the weekend." NOPE! Today's Friday. Tomorrow's the weekend
Warlord Games is giving you the opportunity to get a whole ton of bits and parts for a lot cheaper than usual. They've got their Sprue Sale up and running now.
Gaming is good. Saving money is good. Helping during a humanitarian crisis is absolutely amazing. And that's what Paizo's offering you. They've joined in with the Stand with Ukraine Humble Bundle. You
The time change here in the US is still kicking my butt. "Get up and get stuff done?" How about "stay in bed until noon" instead? No? I can't do that? I have, like, work and obligations and stuff to t
Gaming = Good. Saving money = Good. Giving to charity = Good. Gaming + Saving money + Giving to charity = Good^3. And that's what Paizo and Humble Bundle have for you. They've got a special going for
Friday! Woo! I'm ready for the weekend. I've been running on low gear all day today. Just a little longer and I might just sleep the next couple days. I don't know. If I'm going to make it to the end,
Honest thought when starting this post, "Oh... hey... It's Wednesday already." Seems like the week is going by rather quickly, I suppose. As always, no complaints from me on that. Bring me that weeken
*snifflesniffle* They grow up so fast. It's hard to believe that Pandasaurus is 10 years old. That's right around when I started doing TGN. Crazy how all of us came up together. Anyway, to celebrate,