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There's a new SAGA mini available from Brother Vinni. I don't know the guy's actual name, so I will just call him Horatio. Seems appropriate. You can head over and pick him up now. They even have a SA
A pair of rather chill dudes, these Viking Guardians are still ready for whatever might come their way. These two new figures for SAGA are available from Brother Vinni and they're even having a sale t
Brother Vinni has released a new mini as part of their figure line for the SAGA minis game. It's Matilda of Tuscany, a new mounted maiden who will gladly bash you in with her mace if you get on her ba
Pennants and banners were vital during ancient warfare. Even today, knowing what units are where and who they are is important during combat. Brother Vinni is helping keep everyone sorted with a new S
It feels like it's been a while since we've had a new set of releases from Brother Vinni, but the long wait is over. If you're in the market for some new SAGA figures, particularly troops armed with e
The Vikings were well known for their raiding. But it wasn't just running around randomly. They had targeted raids, with different warlords in charge of the action. For those who play SAGA, Brother Vi
Brother Vinni is looking to bolster your troops with a new release for SAGA. They've got a set of four knights with swords so well made, they're not just goodswords, they're greatswords.*dodges incomi
Brother Vinni expands their miniaturs line for SAGA with the release of their new unit of Female Berserkers. Their love for you is like a truck, and they obviously don't get cold easily. As such, I ca
The folks over at Brother Vinni have become known for their SAGA releases recently. It's nice, because I can actually show you pictures of the figures. They've got a new one over in their shop. It's S
Brother Vinni has a new resil SAGA miniature available for you over in their webshop. Whether you think that there may or may not be dragons, I wouldn't tell Ulrich that there aren't. He calls himself
Brother Vinni's got a new unit available for SAGA over in their webshop. It's a group of four slavic-style women with bows. Reach out, reach out and touch someone with metal-tipped death as your enemi
You know, even with the shorter week we've got going on, I still was thinking today was Friday. Last night before I went to bed and this morning when I got up, I was like, "Woo! Friday!" But then I sa
Along with making general fantasy and sci-fi minis, Brother Vinni also creates figures specifically for the SAGA miniatures game. This time around, it's a new Shield Maiden figure. There's no "damsel
Brother Vinni is mostly known for making generic sci-fi or fantasy miniatures. But, in this case, they've got specifics in mind. They've created a new unit of Spear Ladies for SAGA, and you can pick t
Most of the time, the figures from Brother Vinni are system-agnostic. But, in this case, they're for SAGA, the dark ages game of combat and might. They have released a new set of 4 Axemaidens. And I'm
It's early Sunday morning, and that means packing things up here in the room. It's the final day of Adepticon. If you've been here, I hope you've had a good time. If you've not been here, I hope the p
3...2...1... Blastoff! Rocket Games has taken flight with their own webshop. You can now pick up your Saga miniatures direct from them. Don't know about Saga? Want to know more? You can download the r
Gripping Beast has posted up their new releases for Saga that they'll be bringing with them to Salute. The biggest announcement is the new faction they'll have. The Revenants are based on the myths an
Saga will have their latest book, The Crescent & The Cross, available in their webshop about this time tomorrow.SourceFrom the announcement:SAGA The Crescent & The Cross will be available to order on
Gripping Beast expands their Saga line with the release of new Steppe Tribes. Get on your horse and ride!From the release:Released today, a new official warband for SAGA!Official Rules & Battleboard a
Saga will be debuting some new expansion books at the Salute game show. I wish I was going.From the announcement:Debuting at SALUTE, “Varjazi & Basileus” features a 12 page full colour rule booklet co
Can You Dig It put up a review of Saga.From the review:Verythrax posted on the Can You Dig It? blog his impressions of the SAGA: Dark Age Skirmishes historical wargame.
Gripping Beast has some new measuring sticks and tokens available for Saga.From the website:Fresh in from 4Ground are the new official SAGA Measuring Sticks and Token sets. These are made of laser-cut
Saga is adding new Byzantines to their list of available armies.From the update:Any day now, Issue 301 of Wargames Illustrated will be dropping on the doormat of subscribers and hitting the shelves of
Gripping Beast and Studio Tomahawk are pleased to announce the next expansion book for Saga, entitled The Raven's Shadow.From the announcement:Studio Tomahawk and Gripping Beast are proud to announce