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Well, it seems like it took about 5 weeks to get here, but Friday is finally upon us. It felt like it took 5 weeks to me, anyway. Hopefully your week went by a lot more quickly, as postponing the week
Historical miniatures have quite a long and storied... umm... history. The very first minis games were based on recreating historical battles on tabletops and floors. So Sabresquadron has quite a pedi
Welcome back to Friday, beautiful TGN reader.Do you have any gaming lined up for this weekend?I... don't...I'm going to be cooking. If you want to talk about that, I'll meet you down in the comments s
Sabresquadron is a new company creating rules for modern warfare miniatures games. They've just launched their website, so go check it out.SourceFrom the launch:Sabresquadron is a new venture aiming t