Friday Snippets

Well, it seems like it took about 5 weeks to get here, but Friday is finally upon us. It felt like it took 5 weeks to me, anyway. Hopefully your week went by a lot more quickly, as postponing the weekend any more than it already is at the start of the week seems like torture.

Anyway, let's get you some bite-sized stories to tide you over until that sweet weekend does make its way here.

Today we've got: Cold War Army Lists Released for Sabresquadron, Kromlech new release - Putrid Snail Beast, MidKnight Heroes Super Chibi Kickstarter Funded, New 15mm SF Polish Half-Tracks From Brigade Models, and Pyrkol Launches the M.O.A.T. Flame Template.

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Sabresquadron Modern Military Rules Now Available

Historical miniatures have quite a long and storied... umm... history. The very first minis games were based on recreating historical battles on tabletops and floors. So Sabresquadron has quite a pedigree of historical games. But where many of them focus on times such as Napoleonic, Revolutionary, or WWII, this game focuses on the past several decades. Heck, there's some of you that fought in some of the conflicts that the game aims to let you play out.

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Friday Snippets

Welcome back to Friday, beautiful TGN reader.

Do you have any gaming lined up for this weekend?
I... don't...
I'm going to be cooking. If you want to talk about that, I'll meet you down in the comments section. :P

As for now, we've got some bite-sized stories for you.

In this batch we have: HADES Banshee VTOL now available for Pre-Order from ClearHorizon Miniatures, Kromlech New Release - Legionary Shields, Willy Miniatures Undead & Necromantic Team video advance, New 28mm Napoleonic Ottomans from Matchlock Minis, Sabresquadron Has Gone To Print, Dragon Head Coins Series #2 on Kickstarter, New Bases from WarGamma, and a couple new installments of The Fiver.

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Sabresquadron Website Now Live

Sabresquadron is a new company creating rules for modern warfare miniatures games. They've just launched their website, so go check it out.

Sabre Squadron


From the launch:

Sabresquadron is a new venture aiming to provide easily playable rules for modern warfare. The rules will cover the period from the start of the Cold War up to the present day, and will also be good for the very near future. The emphasis is on 5 major factors:

Speed - Speed of manoeuvre, speed of communications and speed of decision-making.
Lethality - If it can be seen it can be killed, but being seen doesn’t mean it has to be hit.
Technology - Minor advantages can be significant, but one shouldn’t get bogged down with details.
People - Training and leadership are vital if any weapons are to be used effectively.
Position - Defenders will fire first but a static defence can be found and destroyed.

We are adopting streamlined mechanisms, using only one type of die with consistent scores to achieve success and an optimum set of modifiers. The result is that, with a little playing experience, players will rarely need to consult the Quick Reference Sheet let alone the main rules.

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