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Sabol Designs

In a way, it's Wednesday, because that's what day it is. In a way, it's Friday, because it's the last day of the work week. In some ways, it's both, because we have a Snippets post here for you. So, b
Sabol Designs is celebrating their 15th year having a huge holiday sale over in their webshop. We've had sales for minis, sales for paints, sales for terrain, we've just got pretty much all aspects of
Sabol Designs is having their winter sale on their Armytransport cases over on their website this weekend.SourceFrom the announcement:Greetings from Sabol Designs. We are offering a Winter Holiday sal
Sabol Designs will have their MkIII ARMYTRANSPORT cases in soon. Along with that, Sabol Studios is now accepting commissions on painting minis and terrain.SourceFrom the announcement:There are just a
Sabol Designs can be added to the list of companies having sales this weekend.SourceFrom the announcement:Our annual Black Friday sale is now a "rebirth" sale. Take advantage of this tremendous offer
Sabol Designs is having a sale on their ARMYTRANSPORT figure foam trays.SourceFrom the sales sheet:Sabol Designs is offering a 15% off sale on all foam trays! This offer will be valid now until Octobe
Sabol Designs is letting you do some of your holiday shopping already with their Black Friday sale going on now.Black Friday sale will be active through 12/1!Find all of your storage and transportatio
Sabol Designs Announces a Sale:From their announcement:Starting TODAY November 22 2012! In addition to the Black Friday specials, look throughout for "Happy Holidays! Buy one get
Sabol Designs Announces Black Friday Sale:From their announcement:ALL ARMYTRANSPORT products now available! Beginning midnight Thursday Nov 23. Sale ends Sunday Nov 27 at midnight! Eight Black Friday