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My love for you is like a truck! Berserker!Would you like to... I probably shouldn't finish that line. I try and keep this place PG-13, after all. Anyway, berserkers are what you get a look at in this
Within the demonic hordes of the Uthuk Y'llan of Runewars, there are heroes. No, most of the outside world wouldn't use that term to describe them, probably preferring something a bit more like, "grot
Walking into battle is so passe. Why not, instead, head into a fracas on a giant demon-moose-thing? I'd probably go for that over walking. That's what Maegan Cyndewin can do for the Litari forces in R
When it comes to the Latari Elves in Runewars, they don't need a Lorax to speak of the trees. The trees are perfectly capable of expressing themselves on their own. Which means woe to those that would
While giant swarms might seem to move without real direction or purpose at times, it's really key individuals within that mass that are pointing them which way to go. One such individual within the Ut
Armies are big, unwieldy sorts of things. They don't exactly turn on a dime, either, so you'd better know where you're headed and what's coming up by sending out scouting parties. The last thing you w
Well, it would seem as though the system took a vacation over the long holiday weekend, as it ate the Review Roundup post. Such things happen occasionally. It's alright... I'll just make a new one thi
We're getting closer to October. I know, for a lot of my friends, it's always been October. It's when ghosts and goblins and whatnot all come forth and scare the living. Well, if you want that sort of
As I've said numerous times over the past couple weeks, Gen Con is coming. Like... tomorrow. There's going to be, oh, about a bajillion things going on, so it's best to stock up on some bite-sized gam
Even the dead hate to simply walk their way into battle. And what's a horse to do after it's been put out to pasture and, well... passed? Their glory days can be relived during the nightmare life of a
In the fantasy battles all across Terrinoth, you might not want your opponent, with their swords and spears, to get all that close to you. Those things can hurt! As such, it's not a bad idea to reach
While the Elves are usually known for their prowess with the bow and arrow, those ranged weapons might not always be the best during a fight, especially if things get up close and personal. Thankfully
Where you have elves, you're going to have elven archers. It's just one of those things. The Latari elves from Runewars are certainly no different. They'll be getting a Deepwod Archers expansion set s
The Uthuk Y'llan are coming soon to Runewars games. These desert-dwelling monsters once had control of most of Terrinoth. They've decided it's time once again for their rule to extend across the land.
Fantasy Flight has a pair of new releases available for Runewars. They're the Carrion Lancers and Rune Golems sets to help you expand out from what you got in the main box. So if you'd like to add a b
Fantasy Flight is heading back from the harsh demon-like Uthuk Y’llan to the deep and lush forests in this preview. The Latari Elves need themselves some command upgrades, and so that's what is on dis
The Uthuk Y'llan are a dastardly race that terrorized Terrinoth centuries ago. Over that time, they were reduced to legends. Scary tales to tell children around campfires. But those tales were true. A
We've got the humans. We've got the undead. We'll soon be getting the elves. And now Fantasy Flight has announced the 4th faction for Runewars. It's the Uthuk Y'llan. They're savage demon-like things
Last weekend, I got to watch my first full game of Runewars. It's an interesting-looking game. The two players were playing a 200 point army, which is apparently a "standard size." Though, since both
I've always been more of a "dog person" than a "cat person." And within that, I've always preferred the larger breeds (German Shepherd and Great Pyrenees) to the smaller ones. However, if I could get
When you think of elves, you think of guys with long hair, pointy ears, and bows and arrows. It's just sort of a thing you expect. Well, in Runewars, the Latari Elves aren't going to disappoint you, a
Each faction in Runewars has their various troop units and characters, but they've also got that one "big" unit that stalks around the board, being rather intimidating and taking out enemies. For the
While the rank-and-file troopers might get much of the job done, they wouldn't be nearly as effective without the strong leaders that spearhead the charges and direct the arrows. For the Latari Elves,
From one fantasy game to another. Fantasy Flight Games continues to expand their Runewars line for the two armies currently available. In this case, the undead are getting a mounted knights unit, the
A couple of my friends have gotten deep into Runewars. They feel the game flows fairly well and plays rather smoothly. I've yet to really have a chance to give it a go (so many games, so little time..