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Though Davos has apparently decreed that the game is over with, Fantasy Flight, in staunch refusal to succumb to his whims, has a trio of new Runewars releases available for you today. The Uthuk Y'llan demon hordes are being reinforced with some archers, a new set of heavy hitters, and a new character that you can all pick up now.

The elves of Latari are bulking up their forces and keeping their forests safe with a pair of new releases for Runewars. On one side, it's a centauric cavalry unit. The other, a new hero in both mounted and on-foot versions. We must protect the trees!

Be obscene! Be, be obscene! Be obscene!

It's nice when I see representation of my own body type in a game. Mostly, you've got sleek, cut, muscular dudes. It's nice when a big walking monster takes the field, shoving whatever they can into their mouths as they go. That's what we've got here with the Obscenes, a new unit coming for Runewars.

The Latari elves in Runewars have had a rather troubled past. Wars, exile, and isolation. But when evil comes a-callin', they have heroes looking to take it on, rather than continue to ignore the outside world. One such is Prince Faolan. Get a look at his stats and abilities for Runewars in this preview from Fantasy Flight.

In any army, there's going to be those that stand out from the rest. In Runewars, they're the heroes. Two new ones are available now. They're the vampiric Lord Vorun'thul and the stone-bull-riding Baron Zachareth.

Out in the deserts of Terrinoth, there are some really wild beasts, savage and seemingly untamable. However, Beastmaster Th'Uk Tar is capable of doing just that, bending these creature's wills to his, calling them in service of the demon hordes. In this preview for Runewars, we get a look at him in his two incarnations, ready to hit the tables for you.

Killing the enemy at range goes a long way to winning a conflict. If you can get to your opponent and they can't get to you, it's going to tip all the balance in your favor. And while the demon legions love to get in there close and personal and really rip enemies to shreds, they also will employ bowmen to thin enemy ranks from a distance. In this preview for Runewars, we get a look at the Viper Legion.

I've often mentioned that just walking into battle is the sucker's way to go. However, when you're a centaur, it's not so bad. You've got the speed and agility of cavalry, without having to worry about falling off your horse. The Ventala Skirmishers are a centaur unit coming for the elves in Runewars. Fantasy Flight's posted up a preview to show them off.

Runewars continues to soldier on, what with getting new soldier minis at a fairly regular basis. In this preview, we get a look at a new hero for the human faction. It's Baron Zachareth of Carthridge, and he hates walking into battle, so he got himself a golem bull to ride in on. Can't say that's a bad choice, really.

Along with all the awesome Star Wars stuff that Fantasy Flight has announced, there's a quartet of Runewars releases now available. There's something for everyone, with a release for each faction. So if you've been wanting something new, now's your chance.
Fantasy Flight has a new preview up for Runewars. This time, it's the Kethra A'laak, the Ynfernael Mistress of the Uthuk Y’llan. She's got both a mounted and on-foot version. But really, who wants to have to walk into battle?
You can check her out below.
(cue up the "wait, they're still making that game?" comments) :P
We've gotten quite a few previews of upcoming releases for Runewars that were monsters, or some elves, or some undead. It feels like it's been a while since the humans have gotten anything new for Runewars. Well, that ends... well... soon, as the Outland Scouts will be making their way to tabletops in the near future.
The ravening hoards are getting even more ravenous. Three new units will be making their way to the Uthuk ranks for Runewars soon, and Fantasy Flight is giving you a look at them. So, if you're an Uthuk commander, you can start thinking about how to integrate them into your strategy. If you're anyone else, you can think about how to stop them.
A new pair of Latari Elf sets for Runewars are on preview from Fantasy Flight. They've got a new character in the form of Prince Faolan, as well as a new cavalry unit (well, centaur unit, but that's basically cavalry) with the Ventala Skirmishers. You can check out these new kits now.
Who truly knows what happens to us when we die? Well, in the world of Terrinoth, death is certainly not always the end of us. Some are turned into Wraiths, undead ghostly beings that are ready to take their vengeance out on the living. They're a new unit coming for Runewars, and we get a preview of them here.
The ravenous hordes are getting even more ravenous and horde-y. Three new box sets are now available for the Uthuk Y'llan for Runewars. They've got the fast and agile Flesh Rippers, the hulking Spined Threshers, and the amassed Berserkers unit, all available to spread fear and chaos on the tabletops.
The kingdoms of man are fighting against elves, undead, and demon-creatures from the wastes. In these times, some morals are lost, or at least, past deeds are glossed over. Such is the case of Baron Zachareth. To some, a saint. To others, a demon (though different from the demon-creatures). Either way, he's coming to the tabletop for Runewars.
The Runewars previews just keep a-comin'. This time around, we get a look at the Spined Threshers. I mean, I certainly wouldn't mind some extra mouths. Though having such long tongues right near all those sharp teeth and pinching claws seems like a recipe for a bitten tongue.
Vampires. You can't really have undead without at least one vampire stalking around. They're one of the most iconic form of the ... uh... species? Anyway, the undead faction for Runewars is getting itself a new vampire in the form of Lord Vorun'thul. You can check him out here, in both his "human" and "bat-man (not Batman)" forms.
The Uthu Y'llan are already a group of pretty deranged murder-machines. So you know it's really something when a group stands out from that. The Berserkers are a whirlwind of claws that will rip any enemies they get a hold of to pieces. These terrifying new additions will be available soon for Runewars. Get yourself a look at just what they can do in this preview.
The Flesh Rippers aren't the only new units coming for Runewars from Fantasy Flight. The elves are getting a new unit, too. They're the Darnati Warriors and they show that Elves don't just hit from afar, but can run on up into combat and start swinging like everyone else.
The Uthuk army is full of models that will gladly rip their enemy's flesh from their bones. However, none do it with such efficiency and speed as the Flesh Rippers. They're a new cavalry unit coming for the Runewars minis game, and you can get a preview of them here from Fantasy Flight.
Everyone over at Fantasy Flight has apparently been busy. They've got a whole host of new releases available, along with new pre-orders. If you're looking for the new Runewars figures, they've got 'em. If you're looking for the new A Game of Thrones Catan, they've got it. If you're looking for their new Legacy of Dragonholt game, they've got it. And if you want to pick up the next wave of X-Wing ships, they've got 'em... coming soon, but you can put your name down on the list to get 'em.
Even rampaging hordes have those individuals at the front, directing it. It's no good to have a whole army of slathering monsters and soldiers if they're headed off in the wrong direction. That's where the Uthuk Y'llan Infantry Command Unit comes in. They'll make sure all that destructive effort goes in the right direction. We get a preview of them here from Fantasy Flight.
Runewars generals rejoice! For there are new releases at hand. On the one side, the Daqan have a new set of heavy crossbowmen. Pting! Pting! (yes, that's what a crossbow sounds like, and you can't tell me otherwise) Meanwhile, the undead ride into battle (literally) with their new Death Knights.