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Well, the world has come to an end. Damnit, Karl. I told you to wash your hands! Anyway, now humanity is left trying to piece together what they can from the ruins. Of course, everyone's out to get th
Terragnosis is running a Halloween special over on their website for their huge Mommet figure.SourceFrom the announcement:Terragnosis have announced on their website that Mommet - the 75mm tall monste
Terragnosis has released another of their Ruination models. This one's the Traveller.From the release:Terragnosis are pleased to announce the release of their latest 54mm fantasy figure - The Travelle
Terragnosis expands their Ruination line with Battle Pack 3.From the announcement:Terragnosis have released a new 54mm fantasy figure for their game - Ruination. This can be purchased on its own or as
Terragnosis has a free-to-download Treasure List for Ruination available over on their website.From the release:An expanded treasure list has been added as a free download for Ruination, the 54mm Hero
Terragnosis gives Ruination players more options for scenarios with a new one released over on their website.From the update:Terragnosis have just added a free scenario for Ruination - the 54mm Heroic
Terragnosis has two more of their 54mm models available to order (one pre-order, to be fair) from their webshop.From the announcement:Terragnosis have announced that their ‘Traveller’ figure is now av
Teragnosis is having a competition over on their website where the winner can win some free models. Go check it out.From the contest:Terragnosis, the makers of 54mm fantasy minis have announced a comp
Terragnosis now has their Mommet model available for general release over in their webshop.From the announcement:He’s big, he’s spiky and he has a very large axe. Yes its Mommet - the latest 54mm fant
Terragnosis is taking down names of those gamers who would like either (or both) of their new 54mm+ minis as soon as they're made available.From the announcement:Terragnosis have released details of t
Terragnosis is doing their last call for pre-orders for their Mommet figure for Ruination.From the announcement:The first batch of Mommet figures have been cast and very nice they are looking to. We a
Terragnosis has a couple more 54mm releases for their Ruination game over on their website.From the announcement:Two more figures are now available from the Terragnosis web store. This is part of thei
Terragnosis has started taking pre-orders for their Ruination figures from their successful Kickstarter event. First up is Mommet.From the announcement:Terragnosis have revealed the next figure which
Terragnosis successfully funded over on Kickstarter and now they've got their minis available to everyone via their webshop.From the announcement:Following their successful Kickstarter campaign, Terra
Terragnosis has some more 3D renders up for Ruination.From the update:Hope you like fantasy babes!Yeah I know, fantasy babe, halter-neck, hardly fighting garb... so lets hope she's good with that shie
Terragnosis just passed their goal while I was looking at the page while typing up this post (which was done before the current time :p ), so that's awesome! I love to see campaigns work out. Also, th
Terragnosis is showing off some more 3D render WIPs for Ruination over on their Kickstarter page.From the preview:What's Next?We thought we would share some of the work in progress and developments th
Terragnosis is in their final week on Kickstarter. They're still headed towards their goal and to help things along, have posted up the sample melee rules for the game.From the update:Another intro se
Ruination shows off another of the combatants with a 3D render of Malik the Rogue.From the update:The Ruination KS page has been updated with images and info on another forthcoming Hero - Malik the Ro
Terragnosis gives us another preview look into Ruination with a glimpse of the cards used during play.From the update:The Ruination KS page has been updated with a section on Hero Cards - a key elemen
Ruination, from Terragnosis, gives us a look at the freshly-printed WIP of the Vorden Twins.From the update:The Ruination KS page has been updated with details of the Vorden Twins. A brief description
Ruination, from Terragnosis, has updated their Kickstarter page with a new rules .pdf for you to check out.From the update:The Ruination KS page has been updated with another section explaining the fo
Terragnosis revamped and reworded their Kickstarter page in order to better say what you can get in the campaign as well as posted up some new WIP images.From the update:Terragnosis have updated their
Ruination is almost halfway to their goal on Kickstarter. They've posted up an intro to the rules in order to help them make up that last 50%.From the update:The Ruination Kickstarter site has been up
Terragnosis has posted up their first stretch goal for Ruination over on their Kickstarter page.From the update:Terragnosis have updated their Kickstarter campaign with an image of their new 54mm Hero