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RSquared Studios

RSquared Studios is running a zombie sale over in their webshop for the month of March. The first deal is if you buy all four of the Zombie Plague humans, you get a free "Tubby" zombie. This is in add
RSquared Studios posted up their first stretch goal for their Zombie Plague Kickstarter event: Joe Zombie.From the update:The first stretch goal for the Zombie Plague Kickstarter will be a multi-part
RSquared Studios revved up the chainsaw and is looking to fund some models for the Zombie Plague game over on Kickstarter.From the campaign:RSquared Studios has launched a Kickstarter campaign to prod
RSquared Studios brings you Zombie Plague, a free-to-download print-and-play board game of zombie goodness.From them to you:The cult classic board game Zombie Plague rises from the grave with a double