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Okumarts Games has a new set of paper miniatures you can download and use. Retro Space Set Five: The Metal Legion is now available.

From the release:

Retro Space Set Five: The Metal Legion gives you twenty nine original 30mm Pulp/Retro Sci Fi themed 2.5D miniature models to build. They are perfect for roleplaying games or wargames. All files are 300dpi. This is a layered PDF that allows you to toggle on and off the text allowing you to save ink when printing.

There are two 'goodies' pages allowing you to swap out limbs and equipment. Create hundreds of variations.

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Darkmook Paper Miniatures has released their new Survival Horror tabletop game and is running a special over on RPGNow.

From the release:

The 56 page SURVIVAL HORROR TABLETOP GAME pdf contains all you need to enter the world of 30mm scale tabletop Modern Horror gaming! Pit survivor against zombie and mutated Bio Weapons and see who will survive! Just print, construct and add dice!
Available to purchase at RPGNow!
Survival Horror Tabletop Game Contains:
Rulebook (full colour and black and white printer friendly version)The outbreak began as a few isolated reports from small towns and truck stops scattered across the nation, dismissed as nonsense by most sane people. As the incidents increased in frequency and severity it soon became clear that they weren’t the ramblings of madmen as initially suspected. But by then it was too late; far, far too late…
Darkmook Paper Miniatueres has a new set available to get over on RPGNow. Just print and play.

From the release:


Henry Bremen, Urban Mage, and Bob his familiar battle against the Deep Ones’ Toad Hound in the sewers beneath Chicago. Is it a battle they can win..?

SkeletonKey Games released a new Trench Run map from their Warscapes line. Check it out on RPGNow.

From the update:

SkeletonKey Games has released Star Base Trench-Run, the latest set in their Warscapes line of affordable tabletop terrian PDFs, at RPGNow.

When your tabletop space fleet gets the call to war, WARSCAPES: Star Base Trench-Run is the perfect setting for your next battle. This PDF contains fifteen 8 inch by 10 inch terrain tiles recreating the surface of a massive space station for use with your favorite starship miniatures. Simply print them, trim them out, and start playing.

Plain Brown Wrapper Games has brought back Hunters Inc., which hasn't been around for quite a few years.

From the announcement:

For years, Jeff Boman's classic superhero sourcebook “Hunters Inc” has been totally unavailable. But Plain Brown Wrapper Games has brought it back from oblivion, with all new illustrations and cartography.

This book contains the superhuman mercenary team called Hunters Inc. It details the heroes themselves, their tactics and equipment, and the support staff who handle the team's affairs behind the scenes. It also contains notes on how to plan a mercenary operation from start to finish, and it comes with a complete adventure. Click here for a free preview!

Neither good nor evil, heroes nor criminals, this team can be used in a huge variety of ways. Will these superhuman bounty hunters be your PCs' friends or foes? Rivals or comrades at arms? It all depends on how the GM prefers to use them.

We're releasing the book for Adamant Entertainment's award winning ICONS system. But watch this space for more announcements—there's going to be a version for BASH, one for Savage Worlds, one for Mutants and Masterminds and who knows, maybe Champions, too. Wherever justice can be bought and sold, there you'll find Hunters Inc.

For more news from Plain Brown Wrapper Games, check us out on Facebook and Twitter!

Fat Dragon Games has a sale up on RPGNow in honor of those that can't make it to Indy this week.

From the sale sheet:

Fat Dragon Games is offering a bundle deal on their most popular E-Z DUNGEONS terrain sets at 50% off for one week only! There has never been a better time to get into 3D dungeon terrain than right now!

Okumarts Games has some more retro-space printable miniatures now available. You can find them on RPGNow.

From the release:

Okumarts Games Retro Space Set Four: Space Hero Squad gives you twelve original 30mm Pulp/Retro Sci Fi themed miniature figures perfect for roleplaying games or wargames. All files are 300dpi and include front and back views. This is a layered PDF giving you Five options of colours. There is also a super secret layer full of awesome bonus content! Don't miss it!

Cardstock Miniatures are an affordable and attractive alternative to metal or plastic miniatures. Print as many as you like as often as you like.

You will need a colour printer, cutting tools, glue, foamcore and time. Assembly instructions are included.

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WorldWorkGames products will soon no longer be available via RPGNow and DriveThruRPG after July 11th. From their announcement:
DriveThruRPG and RPGNow will no longer be selling WWG titles after Monday, July 11. If there are any WWG titles that you would like to purchase soon, please do so by July 11. WWG is allowing DriveThruRPG and RPGNow to maintain private access to your previous WWG purchases for the foreseeable future. You can access your previous WWG purchases from the "My Library" section within your account, even past the July 11th date.
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