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RONE - Races of New Era

I know. I know. This was supposed to go up yesterday.Well, WordPress has been flaky lately and it missed its posting window. Hence why it's going up now with a reworded opening talking about it not be
Not all Kickstarters are quite the way the creators want the first time around. No matter how much planning goes into it, there's always something that doesn't quite look or work the way they'd like.
Pretty much every game, over the course of time, can use a new edition. Many also look to expand to add more options to them. The RONE (Races of New Era) Kickstarter is looking to do both. The campaig
The week is continuing along at a fairly standard rate. However, it seems today really put on the accelerator and we're going full-tilt through the day. It's already time for the Midweek Snippets post