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Role Playing Games

Noooobody expects the Second Inquisition! ... ... I mean, really, I'd've lost my nerd card if I didn't say that. Anyway, Renegade Game Studios is letting you know that you should be expecting the Seco
What's Paizo working on? What books can you expect to come out soon? Any surprises in store? You can find out all about it as Paizo has posted their Keynote Address online for you to watch.
It's a celebration! Or, it will be. Wizards of the Coast is getting ready for a big party next week with D&D Celebration. And they're going to be spending all week looking into some new releases t
Paizo has announced that they are going to be opening up the ability for people to make content based in the Pathfinder and Starfinder worlds via their Infinite program. If you're familiar with Wizard
There you are, just trying to live your life, when boom, the world needs you. You'll be able to finish that TikTok later. Change into your magical form and head into battle. That's what's happening in
A new RPG is out on the market. It's Diesel and it puts players in a rough-and-tumble world of outlaws, cybernetics, dust, and just enough gas to get you to the next oasis. The system is its own, look
Paizo is so often coming out with new stuff, it can be hard to keep up at times. But you know a way to make sure you always have the newest releases? Their subscription service. In this post, we get a
Let's get some appropriate music in here for this one. Ok, Privateer Press has posted up a new adventure for the Iron Kingdoms RPG. And, if you listened to either of those songs, or you simply saw the
Though Paizo won't be at the actual Gen Con event in Indy this year, they're still doing plenty with Gen Con Online. They've posted up their streaming schedule for the event over on their website. Be
While I use ebooks all the time, there's still something about having an actual, physical copy in your hands. If you're like me, and you play the Infinity RPG from Modiphius, you'll be happy, as the p
If you're looking to take Conan and his friends on new adventures in the Conan RPG from Modiphius, you're in luck. Two new pdfs have been released on their website, bringing you plenty of action for y
Steamforged has a new Epic Encounter pack available to order over in their webshop. This time, you're facing off not just a single undead, but a whole arena full of them. Head over and get your name o
Steamforged is bringing more action to your D&D games with another new Epic Encounters box. This time around, it's the Tower of the Lich Empress. You can get your name on the list now so you can b
Starfinder players will soon be able to help make a new class for the game the best it can be. Paizo will be launching the event for their evolutionist soon, but they wanted to give you a small update
The goblins in the region want to get a hold of the sentient sword, Goblingrief so that they can destroy it. They've taken a hostage in order to show they mean business. It's up to the party to find t
While soft-announced a little bit ago when Renegade talked about their new RPG system, the full announcement and launch of the pre-orders for all their new games is up and running now. Last, but certa
Paizo has a whole host of new releases for Pathfinder and Starfinder over in their webshop. Arguably the biggest is their Secrets of Magic supplement for Pathfinder. There's even a special-edition har
The Dee Sanction: Adventures is the extremely-appropriately-named book that's up on Kickstarter that brings you adventures for the The Dee Sanction RPG. I said that it was appropriately named. There's
The Iron Kingdoms started out as an RPG. And with Requiem, its headed back to its roots. In this, the first in a series, Privateer Press sits down with writers for the game to see where they come from
Players are always looking for new options for their characters. And while the core races in D&D are fine, there's not exactly a ton of them. Well, with The Delver's Guide to Beast World, the opti
The lands of Central and South America are vast and filled with a rich culture and heritages stretching back into history. They have many mythologies that have been brought to a pair of new RPG supple
"More Options!" It's the cry of every gamer and DM out there. If you're looking to bring a whole host of new options to your games, you'll want to check out Valda's Spire of Secrets. It's a new 5th Ed
An elite strike force fighting against the international terrorist organization, Cobra, G.I. Joe will go anywhere and do anything to get the job done. And soon, you'll be able to join their ranks as R
The coal miners of West Virginia were facing tough times. Paid little or even, really, nothing at all (instead getting scrip, a money system that was only good at the company store and nowhere else),
The folks at Roll for Combat have been busy bees over in their workshop. They've been working on getting three new supplements ready to add to your Pathfinder and D&D games. They're the Battlezoo