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TGN Saturday Edition: Reviews in the News

Even when I was younger and had a bit more disposable income than I do now, I always looked to reviews (mostly through my friends) to let me know if a game was worth picking up or not. Reviews are a vital resource so as to not end up with a new game/model that will just sit on your shelf, collecting dust, but instead see plenty of table time.

Here's a list of reviews we found over this past week.

Read down to the bottom, if you wouldn't mind, as I've got some questions for you and a contest as well.

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Fantasy Modeling #6 at Roebeast's Blog

Roebeast's Magical House of Sunshine scanned and posted issue #6 of the classic gaming magazine Fantasy Modeling over on their blog.


In this issue:

Sadly I post the final issue of the excellent 1980s hobby magazine Fantasy Modeling. This one is a doozy featuring two articles by my spirit ancestor Andrew P. Yanchus, space ship building on a budget, building a spray booth and other great stuff. Read it slowly, soak it in, for it's the last of the good stuff.

5 Editorial
6 Space Age Modeling on a Budget
12 Beauty in The Beast
18 Star Wars Mini Rigs
22 Computer Gaming Part 2
26 All Weather Spray Booth
28 Converting Non-Flyers
32 The Beast Bust
36 Horses of a Different Color
38 Building The Ark of Space
42 Points to Remember
43 Reader's Photo Page
44 The Competitive Edge
46 Odds and Ends
48 Collectables

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Trash Bash 2013 modelling/painting competition Rules Now Up

Roebeast has put up the rules for their Trash Bash 2013 modelling and painting competition over on their blog.

From the announcement:

Hi everyone. Rules are now online for Trash Bash 2013!

If you like to kit-bash or scratch-build check out this annual contest, now in its third year! We have some excellent sponsors and outstanding judges such as gaming legend Rick Priestley and Bryan Steele of Ravage Magazine.

The last couple of Trash Bashes have been a lot of fun and showcased the amazing talents of gamers and modelers all over the world. I'm sure this year will add even more inspirational builds and I can't wait to see them.


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Nameless Design Miniatures has new Elder Thing with Disruptor Weapon

Nameless Design Miniatures has another horror to drive you insane over on their website: the Elder Thing with disruptor weapon.

From the website:

Just a few quick pictures of the Elder Thing with disruptor weapon. I wanted the design of their weapons to be very Baroque and semi-organic without being bio-mechanical. These weapons can be fired in various ways. A lower setting produces uncomfortable heat and blistering, this is the setting most often used to control wayward shoggoths. By increasing the power of the weapon the Elder Things can cause biological material to boil or burn. And at its highest setting it will rip apart molecular bonds with highly explosive results.

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15mm Elder Things Now Available from Nameless Design

Nameless Design now has 15mm Elder Things available on their website.

From them to you:

The new Eldritch Empires Elder Thing minis are now released! These are 15mm scale and come in 8 parts. They are sold in packs of three minis for $12.00 US. Check out Roebeast's Magical House of Sunshine for purchasing info and assembly instructions.

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Last Week for Trash Bash 2011

This is the last week to enter the Trash Bash 2011 conversion contest being held at Roebeast's Magical House of Sunshine. From their announcement:
This is the last week that I'll be accepting entries for my kitbashing/scratchbuilding contest Trash Bash 2011. I will accept entries until Midnight EST on Sunday May 1. We've got over $220 worth of prizes to give away to the best trash bashed deodorant container creations! Check out the full rules for Trash Bash 2011 on Roebeast's Blo

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