Rockalypse: the Fate Core RPG of Musical Conflict Up On Kickstarter

I love playing Bards. I really do. They are, by far, my favorite character class to play. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I was in band for years in school, even being section leader in Marching Band my senior year of high school (obviously, I peaked early :P ). Well, what if, instead of a high-fantasy world, you had an entire post-apocalyptic RPG based around musical conflict? Well, then you'd have Rockalypse, which is billed as, "Scott Pilgrim meets Mad Max, Tank Girl meets Jem, Beat Street meets Buckaroo Banzai, plus FLCL, Brutal Legend, Six-String Samurai, and more." They've got my attention. They're also up on Kickstarter.

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